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RESOWTION NO. 4 7 9 3 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> AUBURN, WASHINGTON ESTABLISHING THE CITY OF <br /> AUBURN SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT <br /> ASSISTANCE PILOT PROGRAM AND AUTHORIZING <br /> MODIFICATIONS SPECIFIED HEREIN OF THE CITY OF <br /> AUBURN FEE SCHEDULE — FEES FOR CITY PERMITS <br /> AND ACTIONS <br /> WHEREAS, the Small Business AdministraUon identifies that small businesses <br /> employ half of all private sector employees, pay approxima#ely 44 percerrt of total <br /> United States private payroll and generated approximately 65 percent of net new jobs <br /> between 1990 and 2007; and, <br /> WHEREAS, there are 3,800 licensed business operations in the City of Auburn <br /> with a substantial majority of them meeting the definition of a small businesses; and, <br /> WHEREAS, there are limited resources available within the City of Auburn to <br /> help small businesses, most spec�cally, the Green River Community College Small <br /> Business Center (SBAC) that is designed to provide technical assistance to small <br /> businesses with assessmenf services, referral services, business counseling at no <br /> charge, and hands-on training to small business owners and managers; and, <br /> WHEREA8, the costs of starting or moving or expanding a small business can <br /> be extensive and may require the building or remodeling of structures and associated <br /> site improvements that may make it financially di�cult for these businesses to start or <br /> move or expand; and, <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Aubum City Council has previously enacted measures to <br /> support business development efforts including butnot limited to the deferral of impact <br /> fees;and system development charges and the exemption from construction sales tax <br /> for certain business types; and, <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Aubum City Council believes that because of the effects <br /> of the economic recession it has become even more diffcult for small businesses to <br /> start or move or expand in the City of.Aubum and particularly those small businesses <br /> with 20 or fewer employees; and, <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Aubum City Gouncil has previously established the City <br /> of Aubum Fee Schedule-Fees for City Permits and Actions establishing fees for City <br /> permits including but not limited to fees for building plan review, building inspection, <br /> administrative use review, coriditional use review, boundary line adjustment review, <br /> Resolution No. 4793 <br /> January 17, 2012. <br /> Page 1 <br />