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Traffic Count Consultants, Inc.0PEDS <br />WBE/DBE Certified INNOVATIVE APPLICATION OF ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE 8HV's <br /> Western Washington & the Peninsulas <br /> Phone: 425.861.8866 FAX: 425.861.8877 2UT <br />TC2inc@aol.com92W (RT) <br />266S (Thru) <br />19E (LT) <br />PEDS0 379411 TOTALS <br />HV's20INOUT <br />124th Ave SE <br />UT0 <br />(RT) S42 N <br />(Thru) E116 <br />(LT) N92 SE 304th St <br />TOTALS 250246 INOUT <br />OUTIN 196124 TOTALS <br />1UT <br />SE 304th St 19N (RT) <br />WE75W (Thru) <br />29S (LT) <br />12HV's <br />0PEDS <br />PEDS0 <br />HV's0 <br />UT0 <br />S0 Street Name: <br />SE0 Holiday Court <br />NE0 <br />N0SW INOUT <br />NW0 00TOTALS <br />TOTALS00 0UT <br />OUTIN 0NE <br />Street Name:0N <br />0 0NW <br />0SW <br />0S <br />CheckSum S <br />IN1134 0HV's <br />OUT1134 124th Ave SE 0PEDS <br />OUTIN <br />TOTALS 349313 <br />UT1 <br />(RT) E29 From:% HVPHF% UT <br />(Thru) N241 N 2.1%0.700.5% <br />(LT) W42 E 6.1%0.820.5% <br />Intersection:124th Ave SE @ SE 304th St S 3.5%0.860.3% <br />Date:Tues 4/28/09 Peds11 W 8.1%0.000.0% <br />Peak Period:7:00 Ato8:00 AIntersection4.5%0.600.4% <br />Checked By:LBP All UT's4 <br />Prepared For:City of Auburn TM006a09005