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CITY OF <br />DBURN <br />WASHINGTON Planning, Building, and Community Department <br />Boundary Line Adjustment Submittal Requirements <br />The following information shall be included with the Master Land Use Application: <br />? Master Land Use Application. 10 copies <br />? All applicable fees (See City of Auburn Fee Schedule). <br />? Electronic copy of boundary line adjustment on CD or emailed to <br />perm <br />? 2 copies of a current title report (no more than 30 days before application date) with liability <br />for errors not to exceed the assessed value of the lots on the date of application. <br />? Copies of restrictions, if any, to be imposed upon the use of the land. In any BLA where lots <br />are to be served by a private road, the applicant shall furnish a copy of such further <br />covenants or documents that will result in each lot owner having access thereto and having <br />responsibility for maintenance and shall obligate any seller to give actual notice to any <br />prospective purchasers of the method of maintenance of the private road. <br />? 10 copies of a boundary line adjustment drawing prepared by a licensed surveyor drawn to <br />a scale not smaller than 1"=100' or other approved scale in City-approved standard sheet <br />size of 18"x24" with the following information: <br />a. The proposed lot lines for all affected lots, indicated by heavy solid lines. <br />b. The existing lot lines proposed to be changed, indicated by heavy broken lines. <br />c. The location and dimensions of all structures and improvements existing upon <br />the affected lots in proximity to the lot lines being adjusted, and the distance <br />between the structure/improvements and the proposed boundary lines. <br />d. The original legal description of the original parcels, labeling the affected parcels <br />specifically as "Parcel A", "Parcel B," etc. <br />e. The lot closure calculations for exterior boundaries and revised lots. <br />f. The parcel numbers of all affected lots. <br />g. The position of permanent makers bearing the surveyors' registration number set <br />at each new property corner. <br />h. Show quarter/quarter section, township, and range. <br />i. The location and dimensions of any drainfield, easement or right-of-way existing <br />within any affected lot. <br />j. The area and dimensions of each lot following the proposed adjustment. <br />k. The existing and, if applicable proposed future method of sewage disposal for <br />each affected lot. Where any lot affected by a proposed lot line adjustment is <br />served or likely to be served in the future by an on-site sewage disposal system, <br />a percolation test for each such lot may be required by the city engineer when <br />the city engineer finds that the proposed adjustment could adversely affect the <br />ability of such lot to be adequately served by such on-site system. <br />1. Declaration blocks shall be provided for the lot owner(s), surveyor, Director of <br />Planning, Building, and Community, County Auditor, and County Assessor. <br />Additional information may be required. The applicant will be notified in writing if additional <br />information is necessary. <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />AUBURN *MORE THAN YOU IMAGINED