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WHEN YOUR BUSINESS IS CLOSED - <br />FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS <br />- <br />ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT? <br /> <br /> <br />1. A business or company representative signs the <br />attached Auburn Police Department <br />Individuals targeting your property <br />? <br />Authorization/Release form. <br />and equipment for break-ins <br />2. The completed form is returned to the Auburn Police <br />Dumpsters used without permission Department at the address listed on the back of this <br />? <br />brochure and on the bottom of the attached form. <br />Vandalism and graffiti problems <br />? <br />3. Affordable pre-designed “No Trespassing” signs can <br />be purchased from Main Street Signs. Other signs <br />Garbage dumped in parking lots <br />? <br />may be used however, specific verbiage must be <br />used. <br /> <br />4.The purchased signs are posted on the company or <br /> <br />WHAT THE AUBURN POLICE CAN DO FOR YOU <br />business property following simple guidelines. <br /> <br /> <br />The Auburn Police Department has implemented a <br />Trespass Enforcement Program that your business or <br />company can utilize. With your authorization, the Auburn <br />Police Department can take enforcement action on your <br />property under Washington State trespass ordinances in <br />the absence of a business or company representative <br />when the business is closed. <br /> <br />