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AN 0~DINANCE OF THE CITY OF AUBURN, WASHINGTON~ RELATING TO AND PROVIDING <br /> FOR THE VACATION OF POP, TI0NS OF £C°T"IN.~..,.,, STR;~i.--TS AND ALLEYS ',IITHIN THE <br /> CORPOR;~TE LIMITS OF TIlE CiTY OF AIIP~IJRN AND RESERVING EASEMENTS THEREIN <br /> TO THE CITY FOR UTILITIES. <br /> <br /> WHc,,EAS, 'che City Council of the City of Auburn has passed and adopted <br />Resolution No. 721 resolving that a p,,bl ic hearing shall be held ,,non the <br /> <br />peri'cica of Tradewell g~ores~ Ineorpornted~ a "-~ashinaton corporatio,~ <br /> <br />t. he ourpose of determining whether or not the followinfl portions <br /> <br />and alleys, situate within the tapecrate limits of the City of Auburn, shall <br />be vacated~ reservin.q an easement therein to the City of Auburn for all <br /> <br />,,tilities~ said streets and alleys beino described as: <br /> <br />to vacate all st:reefs and allev~ lying within <br />~ho,~e portion~ of {;overnmPnt Lot z[, $~etion 1R~ <br />Township 2l Neath, {~anoe q ER~? ~V.M.~ and of <br />~ix,o, View Addition ~o Auburn, Volume 9 of <br />Plats, page 90, in Kin9 County, Washington, <br />Ivin9 northerly, of ~hn nn-~h~lv I in~ Of th~ <br />-i~h¢-oF-way n~ ~n-~hern PnriFi~ Railway <br />Comnany~ ~nu~herly oF ~h~ ~n,~herly l in~ n~ <br />~ro~ Sfr~? ~?.i,, o9 ~h~ westerly line <br /> <br />l in~ o? A S~ree¢ S.E., nil within th~ Ci~v oF <br />A~,h~rn] F~CFPT: <br /> <br />(a,) The alley a-ca ..qeneeal ly described as <br />the sot?ch 1OO Feet of the noe-F.h 1.50 feet of <br />the east 1~ feet of the west 16q feet of <br />said Gove-nment [at 4, <br /> <br />(h) That po-tiaa of Ath .~+-~et S.E. 9enerallv <br />described as lyin9 within the ~o~to-lv 5165 <br />Feet of said ~overnment Lot 4, <br /> <br />(¢) guch easements of record within ~aid <br />streets and alley? as may b,, nee. e~ry to serve <br />areas outside of th~ area described aforesaid. <br /> <br />and~ <br /> <br /> ~VHEREAS, said petition refer, red to herein,'~bove has been sis:mad by <br /> <br />the owner~ of more than 2/2 of the property ahuf. t in,) upon tl~e portion <br /> <br />of the streets and al lays souohf, to be vacaf, ed by tl,e pet itioner~ Trade- <br />well $~ores, Ineorporaf, edr a Washington corporation; and~ <br /> <br />notice n? Public Hearino to vaeat, e t. he :,or~.inn~ of ~t~reet~ <br /> <br />and el leyg described he-ein~bove was 9ivan by th,~ City Clerk of the City <br />of Auburn by said City Clerk oo~tin,q three (~) copie~ OF ~:-licl notice in <br />three (3) public places within the City of Aub,,rn end a copy of ~aid notice <br /> <br />on ~.he por~ion of ~he s'k. reetg and al lays ~ou~h~ ~o be vaeated, pivinr.,, <br />notice 'chat 'che hearing on said petition was to be held on the 15th d~y of <br /> <br />Anti I, 1963, a'c 8:00 P.M. <br /> <br />in the City Council Chambers of the City Hall <br /> <br /> !'aS'} e One <br /> .... <br /> <br /> <br />