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<br />., <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />... <br /> <br />672 <br />ORDIllalWE no. ~ <br /> <br />AN ORDINAl1CE approving and confirming the assessment and the <br />assessment roll certified to the City Council on the 15th day of January, <br />1929, by the City Engineer, for the cost of improvements in Local Improve- <br />ment District Ho. 93 in the Vity of Auburn, in pursuance of Ordinance ~o. <br />659, passed ~~ 1 ' 1928, and providing for the disposition <br />of moneys co ec d upo said assessment. <br /> <br />wrlEREAS, due notice has been given that objections to th~ assess- <br />ment and assessment roll hereinafter mentioned would be heard and consid- <br />ered by the City Council at the City Hull, in Auburn, ~lashington, on the <br />19th day of February, 1929, at 8:00 o'clock P.M., at which time the City <br />Council would meet to hear appeals and objections of any and all persons <br />clai::ling to be aggrieved by said assessment; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the time within which objections to said assessment <br />and assessment roll might be filed with the City Clerk of the Oity of <br />Auburn has expired; and <br /> <br />IIBJ~REL.S, the City Council of the City of .c:.:u.burn did on said <br />19th day of February, 1929, at 8:00 o'clock P.M., at the City Hall in <br />.Anbur n,Jashington, sit as a .80 ard 0 f Eguali zat ion fo r: the plIr po se 0 f <br />considering such assessment and assessnent roll and such objections <br />thereto, and did immedLJ.tely i:;hereafter and on said 19th day of Febr11ur:y, <br />1929, at said City Hall, proceed to examine and consider and did carefully <br />examine aln consider said assessment and assessment roll and all object- <br />ions made ther:eto, and to any par:t thereof; and <br /> <br />,tHEREAS, the };ear:ing upon said assessment and assessment roll <br />has been fully concluded and ended, and the City C01U1Cil is now fully <br />advised in the premises; " <br /> <br />HOW, ~HEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Auburn do ordain <br />as fa llows: <br /> <br />Section 1. That the assessment and assessment roll certified to <br />the City Oouncil on the 15th day of January, 1929, by the City Engineer of <br />the City of Auburn, for the cost of the improvement of all those lands <br />situate within certain boundary lines by the construction therein and <br />therefor of reconstructed and enlarged sanitary and storm sewer drainage <br />pipe outlet lines and relocating the routes of such reconstructed and <br />enlarged sanitary sewer and storm drainage outlet pipe lines between the <br />old sanitary and storm sewer manholes in third Street H.W., in tbeCity <br />of Auburn, near the east line of the right-~f-way of the Seattle~-~acoma <br />Branch of the northern Pacific Railway, and connects respectively with <br />the existing 18ft sanitary sewer pipe line and the existing 12fT by 18" <br />wooden box storm sewer drainage line in WOn Street H.VI., in the City of <br />Auburn, and oy doing other wotk neoessary in oonnection therewith, con- <br />stituting local Improvement District No. 93 in the City of auburn, in <br />pursuance of Ordinance No. 659 of said City of Auburn, passed <br />~~ 1 ' 1928, and the levy and charge of the cost of said improve- <br />ment--as shown upon said assessment roll and to be apportioned upon the <br />lots, tracts and parcels of land specially benefitted b~7 such improvement <br />and included in Local Improvement District No. 93, as created by said or- <br />dinance lio. 659 of the Cit;'jT of Auburn, are hereby approved and confirmed <br />in all respects, and the City ~reasurer is hereby directed to collect <br />said assessments, which may be paid without interest, penalty or cost <br />within 30 days after due notice shall have been given to the owners of <br />the property within said assessment district by publication in the manner <br />provided by law, and if said assessments be not paid wi thin 30 days from <br />the first publication of said notice, the same shall bear interest there- <br />after at the rate of seven (7) per cent per annum. <br /> <br />