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<br /> <br />j <br /> <br />".,;,. <br /> <br />,,-- - .. <br /> <br />-, <br /> <br /> <br />ORDInANbE'NQ~"e77 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />AN ORDINAlWE: Providing.. for_ the improvement of al1~~hos~f . <br />portions of'Main street East ,~d Main Street West in theQ'ity of <br />Auburn lying and situate between theE!ast linf3,pf the rigJ;l'I....of- <br />way of the Northern Pacificaa,ilwayOompanytMcf the center ld. '. <br />;i!:_;,~_"!,,o~l)8t:reet N. E. and D Str~etS.E. ,by:('theconstructioD.;' . ,.." <br />, ' 'modern ornamental street lighting systepl, and tl1e" -installat:ton <br />of all materials and equipment n'ecessary orreqtlil'ed for the' eon- <br />struction. and completion of s1.lchsyst~m, and by the doing of suc~. , ' <br />other wotk as may be necessary>and incidenta~.-th~r'$to,.all_aceor~-Y,'1d~(; <br />ingtothe plans andspeclfications on,,'filew1~tt.the 01 tyCle;ck< : <br />alld, inaQcordance wi th,the :resoluti~' of intentionprovidingfo~ <br />,'tocal Improvement DistrH;tNo. 96; approving and acloptingsaftt~'i,o, <br />plans and specifications; creating Local. Improvement Districtl'1'f~'" <br />96; creating local Improvement Ftlhd, District No. 96; providi~' <br />for the assessment. of the cost. and expense of sucHi'1l1lprovement'- <br />upon, the property In said district; and, providing for the payment <br />thereo,fby bonds of said district. <br /> <br />THE CITY OOUNOIL OF THE GITYOF AUBURN DO ORDAIN AS FGLLQWS: <br /> <br />Sectidn 1. That a.ll those porti~ns of Street East,aWd <br />Main Street West in the Oitynf Auburnly1ng and Eiituate betwQ..efi"" " <br />the east line of the right-of-way of.tneNorthern.Pacific Raitia, <br />." Company and the center line oiD Street N .:s...a.naiDstreetS.,E=J,:.:r' . ". '. ',' ". ..... <br />,,",a.l~.\~P., t~e, 'U;~X, .,ofAu~.up1, be ,impro~eQ.~~,/~/~struc ti9fl::f~,,~jC~,,~~~i'~~~ <br />'''1#trbrt:r'ons'of Ma1n'Stre~.t 'East and Mq.ln Street West of a modern' Qrna..... ~ · <br />mental street,lightibg$ystemandthe installation of allmate'fJ,:als <br />and eq1.lipmen~ necessat~or required for theconstructionandGO~;. <br />pletion ofsllchsystem;and by the doing ofench other worka$"~t <br />be necessarytQproperlyc'omplete . said improvement; all accord.i~;. <br />t'o 'theplansan'd.- specifications prepared bytheCi ty'Enginee1"fo'I' . <br />said improvement, which plans and specific~~ions are on fi;1.e !i.'th <br />the Oity Clerl(),and in aCcordanoe, with theresol.ution of inteiiltion <br />providing f01'.;looal improvement,districtNo, 9~ passed by~e:Ci ty <br />Council on the 5th day of Ka.r9h) 1929.' '" " <br /> <br /> <br />, ,}-' ~- '-., <br />'-;:---~~ -.." <br /> <br /> <br />~~,9t:ton 2. .~hatthe plans and spec:tfic"ationsfor said:~: <br />provementprepared bithe Oi ty Engineer and ,now on fil~;in': l1ll:e' <br />office 0", theOity Clerk be, and the sam-enerebyare,a:pprotec;'" <br />and adop t~d. ' <br /> <br />Secti.on 3. ," Tha't the. cost and 'expense of said impro'Vemen'~,;. <br />including allnecessa.:ry and :incidentaleJtpens~B) shall be borne' <br />by and assessed against. the property tnclude-d-1ht.b.e assessment <br />district hereinafter cr-e,ated accordiIigt'O"law.The 01 ty of Auburn <br />s.haJ.Jnot be liabl~,.~nany manner--fo:+"';1YP2r"tfC?1l~oj' the cosl~d,C';",1~~~;;!''Q'~ <br />expense: 'of said impfo'V'ement exc'ept as 11:ereln provlded. .,. '~J'<"-:; <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />, , <br />Section 4. That there is herebyestabli.shilda.liocal <br />ment District to be called "Local :t~rovement ,DistrictNo.96ff~)" ' <br />which said district ls described as,fQl1ows: ,,~;>,v.t - <br /> <br />"Allot the property bet\veen:the termilli OfTt:h-os:~:"';''';;' <br />portions of said streets propos'edto be improved <br />as aforesaid1 and on each,th~reof, abutting':', <br />upon, adjacent, vicinal or. proximate to such por- <br />tions of said streets to a distance' back from the <br />marginal,lines thereof asprottided by <br /> <br /> <br />,-d <br />Section 5. .Tha t said improvement shall be made by thea'ity' <br />'of Auburn under the supervision of the Oi ty C'ouncil . the;reoforst1ch <br />'commi ttee or persons as the Oi ty Oouncil may designate.' ' <br /> <br />.t <br />