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<br />r - <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />.,,;;...- <br /> <br />.!!. <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />., <br /> <br />~WlIDN 0;.... <br />r'(-~~' ,- D <br />" 'U ff <br />BY ORO. NO.....G.. ~~ <br /> <br /> <br />ORDIlJ..tuWE HO. 680 <br /> <br />~_....--o-_..... <br /> <br />.iUI ORDINANCE relating to local improvements in the Oi ty of <br />Auburn, providing for the foreclosure of delinquent assessments for such <br />local improvements, and repealing Ordinance Eo. 619 and all other ordin- <br />ances and parts of ordinances in conflict herewith. <br /> <br />THE OPlry COUIWIL OF Tllli CITY Oli' AUBUR1~ DO o lillAI IJ bS J:'OLLO\'lS: <br /> <br />Section 1. All local improvement assessments becoming a <br />lien on June 9, 1927, or thereafter, shall be foreclosed in the manner <br />provided by Chapter 275 of the Laws of Washington of the year 1927. <br />Whenever on the first day of January of any year two installments of <br />any such assessment sball be delinquent, or the final installment of <br />any such assessment, or the entire assessment where payable on the <br />"immediate payment" plan, shall bave been delinquent for more than one <br />year, the City Treasurer shall on or before the first day of October <br />of such year proceed with the foreclosure of such assessments or in- <br />stallments thereof in accordance wi t}l said Chapter 275 of the Laws of the <br />State of Washington of the year 1927, and the laws of said State supple- <br />mentary thereto and amendatory thereof. <br /> <br />Section 2. All local improvement assessments becoming a lien <br />prior to June 9, 1927, shall be foreclosed in the manner proviQbQ therefor <br />before the enactment of said Chapter 275, Laws of the year 1927. Two <br />years after the date of delinquency of any such assessment payable under <br />the "immediate payment" plan, or any installment of any such assessment <br />payable by bonds the City Treasurer shall sell the property described <br />in such assessment roll for the amount of such delinquent assessment or <br />installment, together with penalty and interest accruing to date of sale, <br />and for the cost of such sale; provided, that where the last installment <br />of an assessment is delinquent, the Treasurer shall procede to sell the <br />property at the expiration of twenty-one (21) months from the date of <br />delinquency of such last installment. <br /> <br />Certificates of sale shall be executed and delivered by the <br />Treasurer to the purchasers at such sale, and assessment deeds shall be <br />executed and delivered by him to the persons thereunto entitled. All <br />steps and proceedings required to be done in connection with such sale, <br />certificates of sale and assessment deeds shall be had and conducted <br />acoording to law. <br /> <br />That when assessments, or installments of assessments, have <br />been delinquent the full period provided by law and ordinances of the City <br />of Auburn before which the property covered by such delinquent assessments <br />or installments of assessments is subject to sale, the City Treasurer <br />shall certify to the City Clerk that there are delinquent and unpaid <br />assessments, or installments thereof, giving the distriot number and <br />installment thereof, if it be an assessment roll, ordinance number under <br />which it waS created, street or other name, nature of the improvement, <br />and the date of delinquency. <br /> <br />That the Oi ty Clerk sh all upon receipt of said certificate <br />verify the same and if found correct shall issue a warrant directing the <br />Treasurer to sell all the property described upon said roll upon which <br />assessments are levied to satisfy all such delinquent and unpaid assess- <br />ments, or installments thereof, together with interests, penalties, and <br />costs as provided by law. <br /> <br />Such warrant, issued for the purpose of making sale of said <br />delinquent property, shall be deemed and taken as an execution against <br />said property for the ronount of said assessments, or said installments <br />thereof, with interests, penalties and costs, and the City Treasurer <br />shall, within sixty (60) days from receipt thereof by him commence the <br /> <br />sale of said property. <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />