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<br />_7"~~.-"~~"~0_~,.,------ <br /> <br />',_.,~_~.' ~,'p_,n <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />ll:,." <br /> <br />t.,".. - :. <br /> <br />... '* ---~ <br /> <br />- SECTION A / <br />.. _'" ...(. r. _ __.. _ ~ _.._ ..........._. .. <br /> <br />~,k_D <br />BY arm. No_____ -~-?1--.......u <br /> <br />r> .', l<'>I <br />o \i '( <br />u. <br /> <br />o R DIN A NeE <br /> <br />,!,,!, ,~ <br />.; J <br /> <br />I gt <br />kJ_ <br /> <br />1, -''' <br />d <br />ct' <br /> <br />P1- OF:DI:J!~rrCE to ra :(.1-:$ t;:a :J.dintenance and u,.:;e of bil:, 'ooards <br />t~~e Citj.' vf A'llt;urrl, :~~_r~:t t.9 liccHlsing c;__r~(l tIle CCC.Jl)ati{)Yi <br />t~i.l:' '..;stir.l.F~~, 0.:r1.3.. ~~:rovidirJ._g for t~.:.e viole,tior: (if t1:e salLe. <br /> <br />r~IE CITY C;JUi.~;JlrJ;)~ TH~F CITY C,1~' Ii. <br /> <br /> <br />DO ORD!I AS FOLLO~S: <br /> <br />Section 1. The term "bill bOtirds" as used in this Ordinance is <br />hereby defined to bs any board, fence, sign or structure erected for ad- <br />v8rtising ::;U.l'~.:o8es) or ,!;~on 'N. ~ch. any '7'clv:rtisin~s' is sLew;}: ~r. whereon <br />any ,03ter) cl~l, rr ntlng, palntln~, ueVlse or other Ldvertlslng matter <br />of ~r~y ki~d Nl:&tso6vsr ~ay be pl~ced, stuck, tacked, 0sted, printed, <br />~~ainted, ~:ast:~2:. cr f'b.sterled, j)rcvi-ie'l) :~Otrlever, tl:8..t tl~~is is Ilot al)~:lied <br />to a:.1:r 1:.oard.,2i?~rl or 31~rf3.ce use,: to ~-:j. qr,lay (.;ffici9..l Ylotices issued by <br />any C~urt or ~ublic office ~r _cated by any pUblic officer in the per- <br />lorrL&nce of a ~-,u')lic duty, or use:';. to display announcement matters to be <br />1':,:)1::1 upon preILis'~s 'whsrecD. 811C}J bill 'ooar'1s U.r,~ disr:1aye:i, or used to ad- <br />Y8:-t i se any busine 38 COTlcluct sd C:l. t:}e >:.:" emi s es 'dl;ere such obi 11 boards 8.r e <br />loc~ted) nor s~all it ~8 l:eli to i~clude a reul estate sign advertising <br />for 32,,1 e -.-r rerlt t;.'le i::rc::\erty 1]~,-': .__ livl:ic....L it stanis. <br /> <br />~~ectio~1 2.. Tl:at it 8:"al1 (;'3 unle"wful for any r.;erson, firm or <br />cor or:ltiJn t~. is in or c6rry (.n the ousines" or occupation of bill <br />:osting, advertisinf; or n~~interlance of bill boards witllout first having <br />r"rocured a lic8Il~8 therefore, in t~:9 ~~nner as ;.rovided by Ordinance of <br />tl-~e City uf .~t:b-~lTrl fer t-=~-:: ~;_..roG'Jrin~ of licer:ges, 2tn;i t:ie -:tcense fee for <br />. -, , ;<, <br />such pur~:ose shall be in the sum of :;. 7S~_ per ye,:r. <br /> <br />2e'3tion 3. Eefor:: a::1Y 'eill board may be erected, the locction, <br />:.1 '_.~.'.'" '" ,"~,.; c!'~ec1' fi~c,....4 .-.",,-. ,-.f ...1.,.:> q",,-,',",, 'l'U"~+ ;"'0 "u......""l- +-+0,4 +u- t;._.~~ C1' ty en' u.n.- <br />:.,...._ .... ~........I.'>_:.. ;..J:..! ...."............,l...V.1......-:' _ 'IJ-"''''''' ,--,,~.l..V ,_ 0\01 V ....1 ........... ...; ~.......~ ""' ... ...... - .- <br /> <br />cil of the City of fiuburn for a~_rov~l, modific~tion or rejection, and if <br />s:pr--rcved by tl:e C1 ty Council, t::.ey shall be constructed under the direct- <br />ion of the Builiing In:;l~ector, wLc shall have full authority to supervise <br />tr-e cunstr1Jction thereof. <br /> <br />eecti.~)n 4. All matte::.' rlf-'.ced U:::01l e..ny bill board as hereinbefore <br />defined. shall oe s11bject to reltovb.l upon order of the 3uildinr: Inspector, <br />end the r.older of any license fu.iling, neglecting or refusing to CCitply <br />"'1'+1-, t1-e 0""""'''''' r,';" "-1'~. P,11-i:-'l1'r1P- T",,~,,".p"+or '-'f +1-,e ''"'1....'' .-,';" dl'bur'" Vlas1-1'Y'l'""ton <br />;\ ,)C" u ... u...~ .~~ .', \,." 'J___ ~ ~ \_l .. :'. 1. uc;-- _, \.- u. V " .. v IJ J v ~ . u. ._,' L He ." <br /> <br />three days from and eftsr the date of the receipt of such notice in writ- <br />in? to ran.ova any o1~jectionable advertising me.tter frun. any bill board, <br />shall license g1)s~:enieri or revoked by the Cit:' Council of the <br />City 0 f~uburn, u::on recommends. t i un of tl:e Bu~ lding Inspector. <br /> <br />~_:e.;Jtion 6. In CElse any C')llrt s::-.all hold any section of thi s Ord- <br />inance to be 1Jrlconsti t1.1ti.:;n2.l or of enforcement, suc}: <br />ghal] not inva idate the remaining ~ortion of this Ordinance. <br /> <br />Section 6. Any person, -I'irm or cor'~~roration viclating any provis- <br />i em or 7:rcvisionR of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a. misdemeaner and <br />u':cn conviction therefc-re shall be i.:ullished by a fine not to exceed ~:lOO.O; <br />or be imprisoned in the City Jail for a period not to exceed t~irty days, <br />cr- -aot:1 suet fine 8..11(1 iltIJrisCllrnent, as tIle COl.lrt rncl~Y ~let':.3rn~j.:n(~\. <br /> <br />Jays <br />1 r;.. vv . <br /> <br />Section 7. Ttia Ordinance <br />frolli ~nd after its passa~e) <br /> <br />shall teke sffect and be in force five <br />revsl and pV':Jl ication as req1..~ired by <br /> <br />.."p. <br /> <br />