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<br />-- <br /> <br />'~~i"'l/ <br /> <br />.;' "'. <br /> <br />iiI <br />. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />(>no <br />V(jU <br /> <br />_ R D I ~ A . C E <br /> <br />,: 0 . ~ J' r <br /> <br />l\i.t ()RrllJP,.,,-rCE relati~1~ to locc.l !rll~~rOV'JlY~\3nts 1 I:' t:19 Ci t:l of ,Auburn, .L:,ro- <br />V"i1ing for the fcr~closur'3 ofiel n-luent assessments fur such 10c5.1 im- <br />l=rov",:ments, snd reyo:8-lin:~ Drdinance No. 680 and all ctl:er ()rlinances &n1 <br />parts of or1inances in cunflict therewi tho <br /> <br />T:~E CITY CaUi'WIL OF TEE CITY)T fl.rJ8 URl'T DO ORDAIN 1\8 FOLLO\!/S: <br /> <br />Section 1. All locsl iffiprovement assessments becoming a lien on <br />June S, 1'_ ,-7, or t:lsreafter, shall ':>3 foreclosed in the manner l~rovided <br />~y Ch~~ter ~75 of the Laws of t~e etate cf Was~ington, of tte year 192? <br />!C,'henever on the first 5.r",y::Jf Janue.ry C7.' any yea,r two installments <br />of any such assef'!",r:,ent shall '::8 '.l:lirh,..uent or t::e final instaJ Iment of <br />any such aSSeSSl'fient or t:-_8 entire assessD.ent vv!':sre >aya::le on the "itnmed- <br />; at.:> y"....ywiont ,-1....n" shal' '\.., ve ',..,p,~-""'l,,,; in''''p''Vlt f("r ""or"" +C."-'1~ r'l'e y""'- <br />-' y 1......0.. AJ.""" l..........~ , ........ ...L ..lC;~, ~"",vJ.':' ..,,,,.~JJ.......... '--.:.u.~.... "oJ,u.. ..... o.JJ.~cl...J. '..J.. .....c.....L-) <br /> <br />tl:.e Cit:r TreEjSUrer shall, on or berore the first :':uy of Noven,ber of sue::. <br />:re&.r, proc6si wj.t~: tJ~e foreclosure (~f 3UC~ asse9sn~ent O~ installments <br />tl:Jsreof j.n Z.''Jcor.'l8.Dce ~Nit s:;..i,:;~ C::.s..l....tsr 275 of tlle TJaYi9 of tl:e ~,tc:.te of <br />s1-':i:~,~~to'n., of t:'le year 19'37, t:-~e lQ\Ns of said. State S1l:)~~'.len1:~l1tar;l <br />thereto <:;.rr:en\e.tory t1-~'3reof. <br /> <br />Seeti'::L 2. All 100<:.1 imrroverr.ents 1:)ecomin~ 8. lien prior to June <br />-, 1927, shalJ_ ~9 foreclcse6. in the ffiarlner rrovidel i~l C~lspt8r 275 of the <br />Laws of tl~e State of Was1:i11~tcn cf tje year 1927, ~n1 tte laws cf the said <br />State sup;;,lerr:snt!lry thereto a:;d amendatory thereof, but i:~g to any such <br />.t:rcpeTty ~'urch~sed ';)y the said Ci ty of Auburn at sUc~ forecloS'uro; tile same <br />3haJl '::;(3 }',i31d and 801:-1 by said City under and pursuant to tl:e lJrovi sions of <br />law in force and effect l....rior ~''; to-kiuc( effect ot' sciid Chactcr :,7:, lu.:':s oi' <br />'927 O\+l' +'\0'8 Qt",,-I-e nf W"S"l'",.rct,-v"" nY'" +'\-,e 10'\"S' Q-,f ~~'1e QtQt"'e'-'7 WeB il'l>2_,'t'v'n <br />....... ) . \J ,,"; 4' ~_" "'-- u _ ()... J, .l....l'::', 1.,1., c."'..\,....... \..i ,... __\004 Y ......... 1....,;' Co'-' "_... ,...._'. .... _ ~ <br /> <br />s"J.prl ement&l'Y t:.ereto and amencla tory thereof. <br /> <br />Section 3. That Oriinance ~o. 680 of the Ordinances of the Citi <br />of _~u'-urn, entitled "An Ordin2nce relating to Joc81 improvements in the <br />City cf lUGurn, rroviding ror thE.; foreclosure c,r delinq,uent assessm~nt'3 <br />r<::>r sueh lo,::al improvements r;ind rapealing Ordinance No. 619 and all other <br />Ordinar.,ces and Tarts of ordinarcces :1l-1 conflict therewith", be an::i the same <br />is hereby repealed, )rovided., however, that such r8:;,e2.1 shall in no way <br />effect or impair the velidity cf any proceeding heretofore had or taken by <br />tr,e City (;f .Auburn for the sal e 0 f ~~:rop erty sub j eet to del inq,uent 10C8.1 <br />i{~1~~)roven'1ent 3~SSeS8r[~erlts or iIlstt::.;,lJll'.er:t~;, t;:ereof. <br /> <br />( ;.:: '\ '~~.>'" 0 <br />\, ) ,~.~y v <br /> <br />Section 'L 1'.i8 Grciin8.l1ce s",all t2k'2 <br />froll. c'.Dei after its }:asS2tgs, a-:.:;"t:;roval <br /> <br />effect and be in fcrce five <br />anct'l icc',t ion 2.S re,r.:li red <br /> <br />>~~/ 121VV". <br /> <br />Introduced <br />f..~)?rcved <br /> <br />1--::V'I~ <br />0.;...';'""" <br /> <br />1:8..8 sed <br /> <br />October / 'i:L, 1829. <br />October /J::f-. 1929. <br />-' <br /> <br />/ ../} <br />~~/.~ . <br />. / /' ' <br />Attest. ' /; (/-.--P2<t/fff <br />Clt\r C...srk <br />J i <br /> <br />- ~v~ C./~ <br />~. .- . / fO). .'7._ <br />, . C'~" ,-~J <br />~/ Iila,yor .---- <br /> <br />Approved as to form <br /> <br />?ubl i S[18('. <br /> <br />/7) k f~ 3ut <br />~ __d /f~'f. <br />-_._..,,----I-..~ <br /> <br />~/) a~ <br /><::'>1.-(' .", c:<' '-b t7J~ <br />City At t orney--- --- <br /> <br />