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<br />::).'- <br /> <br />~~,;"', :~:J:,<a~~~~:,>_'7i<,,~.~.,<~;;:ry.:~pJ~"';,~,i'S:~y~ ,4(yt!i~Y; <br /> <br />i,,(,Y',i ' <br /> <br />" . ,. '-' ''''', ~~" '~", ",or'" ',. <br /> <br />~: <~'-~~"~5~~~:~~~F~~':~w-" ' <br /> <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />. <br />" <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />II <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />o R DIN A N C E <br /> <br />NO. <br /> <br />~ oJ.!~; <br />\}. ..... <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE providing for the issuanoe of bonds of Looal Improve- <br />ment Distriot No. 95, fixing the amount of such bond issue, also the date <br />and denomination of such bonds and ordering delivery of such bonds. <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUBURN DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />Section 1. That local improvement bonds of Local Improvement Dis- <br />trict No. 95 of the City of Auburn be issued in the manner and .form pro- <br />vided by Ordinanoe No. 261 of the Ordinanoes of the City of Auburn, re- <br />lating to the issuanoe of local improvement bonds for and on aocount of <br />the oost and expense of making improvements provided for in Ordinanoe <br />No. 674 of the Ordinanoes of the City of Auburn, creating Looal Improve- <br />ment District No. 95 of said city. <br /> <br />Section 2'1 That the total amount of said looal improvement bonds <br />to be issued as in this Ordinance provided is hereby fixed at the sum of <br />One Thousand, One Hundred and Forty-seven Dollars and Fifty-eight Cents <br />($1147.58), being the amount of the cost and expense of making improve- <br />ments under the provisions of said Ordinanoe No. 674 of the City of Aub- <br />urn, remaining unpaid after November 2, 1929. <br /> <br />Section 3. That said bonds shall be dated November 25, 1929, shall <br />be in the denomination of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) eaoh, except the <br />first numbered of said bonds whioh shall be in the sum of One Hundred. and <br />Forty-seven Dollars and Fifty-eight Cents ($147.58), shall bear interest <br />at the rate of seven per oent (7~) per annum payable annually and shall <br />haye a~taohed thereto interest ooupons for each interest payment. <br /> <br />Section 4. That the City Clerk of the City of Auburn is hereby <br />ordered and direoted to oause to be printed suoh bonds of Local Improvement <br />Distriot No. 95, and that upon execution thereof in the manner prescribed <br />by LaW and the OrdinanOes of said city, said City Clerk be and he is here- <br />by authorized to sell said bonds and deliver said bonds to the purohaser <br />or purchasers thereof, on payment to said city of the amount or amounts <br />of the principal of suoh bond or bonds together with premiums and aocrued <br />interest, if any, and that thereupon the warrants of said Local Improve- <br />ment District No. 95 be retired and the said Citp Clerk be and. he is here- <br />by also authorized to sell and deliver said bonds at par, and aocrued. in- <br />terest, if any, in exohange for and redemption of the warrants drawn upon <br />Local Improvement Fund,;Distriot No. 95 of the Looal Improvement Funds of <br />the City of Auburn remaining unpaid. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />INTRODUCED <br />PASSED <br /> <br />November 5, 1929. <br />November 5, 1929. <br /> <br />ATa~j~~ <br /> <br />Ci ty Cler <br /> <br />APPROVED ..... _ .~.lAb,er 5~2. 9. <br />-~~. <br /> <br />/' Ma.yor . . <br /> <br />PUBLISHED: <br /> <br />~..!n!.; <br />r '." "I <br /> <br />~"". ",(. <br />i ..- "'. 11. . . ' <br />r ~ '1 ,i '....J, <br /> <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> <br />~tf~,tl,~~ <br />City Attorney <br /> <br />