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<br />~,.,..,~. <br />" - ,,'.-:,...-...,....-.-:-.' <br />'!~. . .~" :~'.'.: .,," .: <br /> <br />~~~~~~~>~~J,~-:;:~~r(~";<~"; , <br /> <br />. . <br /> <br />'<ll":'!"':';~\'.~_~~.~.~;;'t ~ <br />. - . ,...;. .~. <br /> <br /> <br />'k <br /> <br />~L <br /> <br />o R DIN A N C E <br /> <br />NO. <br /> <br />/" ,-, <br />.)J <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE declaring a public emergenoy to exist requiring the <br />expendlt,ute from the unbudgeted 1 ibrary fund of the City of Auburn for <br />the purpose of g,iring additional help 1 of moneys not provided for in <br />the library budget for the year 19291 estimating the amount of moneys <br />required to meet suoh emergency and direoting that suoh help be hired <br />and that emergenoy warrants be drawn upon the unbudgeted library fund <br />of the City of Auburn in payment therefor. <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUBURN DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />Seotion 1. That the following are faots: That the budget of est- <br />imated expenditures from the library fund of the City of Auburn during <br />the year 19291 which budget was duly adopted by the City Counoil in <br />October, 1928, contains the following item) viz: <br /> <br />.Salaries and wages: <br />Librarian <br />Assistant librarian <br />Janitor <br /> <br />$1500.00 <br />90.00 <br />180.00 <br /> <br />and. that no other item for or whioh might inolude expenditures for add- <br />itional help was included in suoh budget; that there has bean an in- <br />oreased patronage of the library during the year; that the budget for <br />1929 was unduly out; that additional help is required; that the neoess- <br />ary amount of the expenditures for the hiring of such additional help <br />is the sum of $55.00. <br /> <br />Seotien 2. That, by reason of the faots stated in Seotion 1 of th~ <br />ordinanoe) a publioemergenoy now exists requiring the expenditure dur- <br />ing the year 1929) from the unbudgete4 library fund of the City of Aub- <br />urn, of moneys not provided for in the budget for the year 1929; that <br />suoh emergenoy oould not have been reasonably foreseen at the time of <br />ma.king the budget of estima.ted expenditures 'from the 1 ibrary fund of the <br />City of Auburn during the year 1929) whioh budget was adopted by the <br />City Counoil in October, 1928, and that the estimated amount of expend- <br />itures required to meet suoh emergenoy is the sum of $55.00. <br /> <br />Seotion 3. That emergenoy warrants be drawn on the unbudgeted lib- <br />rary fund of the City of Auburn) in payment of hiring additional help <br />for the library, to the amount of, but not to exoeed the sum of $55.00 <br />in the aggregate. <br /> <br />A.TTEST:~. ~ <br />City <br /> <br /> <br />INTRODUCED November 5) 1929. <br />PASSED unanimously by the affirmative <br />vote of all oounoilmen present November <br />191 1929. <br /> <br />APPROVED Novembe~1~29. <br /> <br />~ ~/ <br /> <br />Approved as to form November 19) 1929. <br /> <br />~~.~-~~ <br />/J tI Ci ty Attorney <br />PUbli8hedt7/~ c?-I '-!.f'?f. <br /> <br />