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<br />'I , 10 .. <br />.7' . " <br /> . .,. <br /> ... <br /> '7J3 <br />o R D I N A H a E N 0 . 1 l~ <br /> <br />, AlT ORD~NAlJC~ creating a fund kno\'m as th0. Accident Pund, providing <br />for t.r.e drc.'i.'iVlng or warrant s upon said Ace ident Funcl, providin~~ for the <br />levying of a 3pecial tax to pay said E'.mount, nrovi(]..imr for the (:lis-oosi- <br />tion of any surplus therefrom, fixing the denominations of such warrants <br />and for the collection of the special tax. <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL Ol~' THE CITY OF AUBTJRiJ DO ORDAIlJ AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />Section 1. That there is hereby established in the Treasury of the <br />Ci ty of Auburn a fund to be known as "Accident FUnd"; that e.ll moneys pS,id <br />into the oi ty Treasury of the City 0:1:' Auburn on !;j,ccount of the si,ecial tax <br />hel':::inafter p:rovic~ed for, sncl-11 be paid into and. ored1ted to said f'l1.nd, <br />and that all l.'Varl'8.n"~s d.r2'}im or issued by the City of Auburn in payment for <br />any judgment on account of per sonal injurj. e S obtaineet against said Oi ty <br />eha.'l be drawn upon and pa)";Jbld fror.l said fund. <br /> <br />Section 2. Ths.t. whenever a judgment is obtained against th~ Ci t:! of <br />Auburn on acoount of personal injuries su.ffered by any r:erson, ana he.s been <br />d~ly certified to the Clerk of the City of Auburn, as now provided by law, <br />tr~e Clerk shall draw warrants upon the Acc ident Fund for t}w f-ull amount of <br />said judgment, inteI'cst and oosts, as shown by said. trenscript of judgment. <br /> <br />Sect ion 3. At the first meeting of the City Couno i1 aft.: r tIle c"lr8.w- <br /> of SE-lei warl'a:CltE:~, the; City Counoil of the City of Auburn shall estimc"te <br />the amount neoessary to pay SEtid war:.::ants) with accrued. interest thereon, <br />and shall levy 8, s:pcoial tax to)ay Bedel e,mount) not exceeding three (3) <br />mills on t:.:..e dollar, in anyone year, upon the assessed valuation upon all <br />the re<:::l and l;ersonal property within the present corporat e lilY,i ts of the <br />Ci ty of Auburn. If a levy of three (3) mills is not sufficient to pe"y said <br />warrants and interest thereon, then an additional levy, not exceeding three <br />(3) mills, sLle:U be l1iB,cLe from year to year until s2,id warrants and interest <br />are. ful1.y paid. <br /> <br />;:\e.ction 4. After tLe payment of said warrants and interest in full, <br />if any money remains in said Accident Funcl the same shall be paid into the <br />Current Exrense :D\1n:~ of the City of Auburn: Provided, that no other judgment <br />for 1:Jersonal ii1iuries is then due and remaininp: unoaid a>:!.'Hinst the ,:)f <br />"J,; "". ',,~..... >--.J ~ ... <br />Au1)urn, in which event t.;;e remaining money in said fund shall be aprlieci to <br />the payment of such judgment. <br /> <br />flect ion 5. The warrant s provided fer ha:L'c in shall be i sEued in denom- <br />inations of not le~~:; than one hunc:red dollars nor more than five hundred <br />dollars; BJ:~all bz; si:~ne5. by the Mayor of the City of Auburn and attested by <br />the Clerk, shall dra'.'\f intel'est at the r2~te of six per oent per annum, shall <br />be number(~d cons60tJtively and shall '0'3 paid in the o1'cler of their issue. <br /> <br />Seot ion 6. The specie.l tax her8 in !)1'ovid80. for snaIl be aSBe ssed and <br />collected in the marUler provided by law for the collection of general taxes <br />in the Oi ty of Auburn. <br /> <br />Section 7. This ordina.nce shall effect and be in force five days <br />from ancL after its passap;e, approval and publioation as required by law. <br /> <br />^'T''T'E~T'; / ~ <br />~N.~/. ;: <br />-- --"~-_.._-"-....~ <br />City I e r k <br />/ <br />I <br /> <br />Introduced <br />Passed <br />A~:.;:~)roved <br /> <br />May 5, 1931. <br />May 5, 19 ~n . <br />11ay 5, _l~_ <br /> <br /> <br />--------- ..1Jra~;or <br /> <br /> <br />Published May 7, 1931. <br /> <br />Approved as to f~ <br /> <br />--~~~::_-~-- <br />vi ty Attorney <br /> <br />