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<br /> <br />'~",r;;~'" ~~':.;-'tr <br /> <br />';"-;,.'~" ,~,.~""~~",...~~;..~,,,,,~"":'_~-".' ',T_:";F'''' <br /> <br />~~,e: ~...~;-""":~~:_~ _'W" <br /> <br />, t <br /> <br />.-/ <br />]/J <br /> <br />rI'!', ~-'" } <br />t <br /> <br />ORDDTA1TCE rTO. <br /> <br />715 <br /> <br />ArT ORDIlTAI'TCE: Declaring a public emergency to exist, re- <br />qUirL11g the expenditure durin:::; the year 1931 from the Current Expense <br />}j'und of the City of Auburn, of moneys not provided for in the budget <br />for the year 1931, for the purpose of paying the salary of the Police <br />Judge from August 15, 1931 duri~3 the balance of said year; and direct- <br />ing that emergency warrants be drawn upon the Current E:lcpense Fund of <br />the City of Auburn to meet such expenditures. <br /> <br />THE: CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUB1JRH DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOVJS: <br /> <br />Section 1. That the following are facts: On January 15, <br />1929, the City Council passed and the lnyor approved an ordinance fix- <br />ing the compensation of Police Judge at ;,,540.00 per month. That ordin- <br />ance became effective on February 1, 1929, and has never been repealed <br />or amended. The City Council"in October, 1930 by ordinance adopted <br />a budget allowing the sum of ~,)300.00 and only $300.00 as salary of the <br />Police Jud~e of said city for the year 1931. After payment to the <br />Police JUdee of his monthly salary of {::;40.00 per month for the seven <br />months ending on,. July 31, 1931, there remains in said budgeted fund <br />only the sum of $20.00, or sufficient to only pay the salary of the <br />POlioe Judge of said city up to and inoluding August 15, 1931. Sums <br />amounting in the aggregate to,*~i280.00 have been paid to the Polioe <br />Judge in monthly payments of :j?40.00 each as his salary for the months <br />of January to July, both inclusive, of the year 1931, and paid without <br />objection or protest from any souroe. It was the evident intention, <br />in adoptL11g the budget which was adopted in October, 1930, for the <br />purpose of meeting and paying the current expenses of the city during <br />the year 193} to fix the salary of the Police Judge for said year at <br />the rate of ;:25.00 per month, paY2ob1e monthly. The office of Police <br />Judge of the city is a necessity and a necessary governmental agency, <br />and it will be necessary for the city to pay as salary to the Police <br />Judge of the City for the periOd of 4'i- months beginning on August 16, <br />1931, in addition to the moneys budgeted for that_puxpose, the sum of <br />;'~112.50, and ~ such necessity was not foreseen at the time when the <br />city budget was adopted in October, 1930. <br /> <br />Section 2. That by reason of the facts stated in Section <br />1 of this ordinance, a public emergenc~T now exists requiring the <br />expenditure during the year 1931 from the Current EXpense Fund of the <br />City of Auburn of moneys not provided for in the budget for the year <br />1931, for the purpose of paying the :sala~J of the Police Judge of said <br />city for the period. beginning on AV-€,1.1st 16, 1931; tbat such an emergency <br />could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time of naking the budget <br />of estimated expendit1ITes from the C1~rent Expense Fund of the City of <br />Auburn durinG the year 1931, which budget was adopted by the City <br />Council in October, 1930, and that the estimatea. arnount of expendit"lU'es <br />required to meet such e:-nergency is the sum of ;)112.50. <br /> <br />Section 3. That emergency warrants be drawn on the cvxrent <br />expense fund of the Cit~T of Auburn in payment of such salary of the <br />Police Judge to the amount of, but not to exceed in the aggregate,the <br />sum of ;)112.50. <br /> <br />TI'JTRODUCED septemb er 1, 1931. <br /> <br /> <br />l~a-lq3i , <br />ij}l - f. 1 \ 01JV .' <br />J f; !!l.'i/ _ /~ . J" <br />d ~ f)J1J~.' /v ~Y' \ <br /> <br />/ \ - < -. j))y\ ./ <br />i / t ,/ <br /> <br />PASSED unanimously by the affirmative <br />vote of all councilmen present, September <br />15,1931. <br /> <br />Al'?ROVED Septeri11Jer 15, 1931. <br /> <br />----------------------------------1fayor <br />