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<br />rF"'", ,<"ff""""'"" <br />/ <br /> <br />'" ,..~,.,"':~ <br /> <br />~;,",'>'~,;>,'~"'-"''':- . <br /> <br />f- -'~- <br /> <br />~...~ ~.'>. ~t~~~-"~ <br /> <br />f -...~ ~t. <br /> <br /> <br />--- <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />'It, ''.r~ <br /> <br />,..' -~.... <br /> <br />7 /~ <br /> <br />--.. <br /> <br />ORDETAlTCE !f0. <br /> <br />716 <br /> <br />AT: CRDIT-T'YCE: Declaring a public emergency to exist, re- <br />quiring the e}:pendi1;11re durinr,. the -,rear 1931 :?rom the Current Ez:pense <br />FlL"'ld of the City of AL,JJUrn, of Floneys not provided for in the buclget <br />for the year 1931, for the purpose of paying the salary of the Police <br />Judge in full for saio. year; and directing that emergency vlarrants <br />be drawn upon the C1ITrent expense fW1d of the City of Auburn to meet <br />such ~xpenditures. <br /> <br />THE CITY COLITrc II QEl THE CITY 03' Au13tTRl'J DO ORIV.I1'T AS <br /> <br />J:1 011; O'.:S: <br /> <br />Section 1. The. t the folIO'll ing are facts: On January 15, <br />1929 the City C01Jllcil passed and thaI-Tayor a]Jproved an 01'0. inance fixing <br />the compensation of Police Judge at :,40.00 per month. That ordinance <br />became effective on Febrlmry 1, 1929 and has never been repealed or <br />amended. The City COUllCil ~n October, 1930 by. ordinance adopted a <br />budget allowing the sum of ;,i)300.00 instead of :,)480.00 as salary of the <br />poJice judge of said {lity for the year 1931. At the time of the adopt- <br />ion of said. budget in October, 1930, A. O. Parsons, Esq., was the duly <br />appointed, qlmlified and acting Police Judge of said City and continued <br />to act as Police Judge lUlder his said appointment until the first <br />110nday in June, 1931. Under the provisions of Section 25 of Article <br />II of the state Constitution, said A. O. pa.rsons vms entitled to be <br />paid as salary as Police Judge at the rate of ;::;40.00 per month for the <br />first five months of the year 1931, or until June 1, 1931. It was <br />the evident intention in adopting the budget which was adopted in <br />October, 1930, for the purpose of meeting and paying the current <br />expenses of the City during the year 1931 to fiK the salary of the <br />Police Juclge at the rate of :25.00 IJer month, payable month13T. The <br />Police Junge is entitled to be paid the sum of ' 25.00 per month, <br />paj~ble monthly, for his services as Police Judge duriD~g the balance <br />of the year 1931, beginning ~ith June 1, of year. The office of <br />Police Judge of the City is a necessary governmental agency and it will <br />therefore be necessary to pay a~salary to the Police Judge of said City <br />for the year 1931 in addition to the moneys budgeted for that purpose, <br />the smfi of y75.00. <br /> <br />Section 2. That by reason of the facts stated in Section 1 <br />of this ordinance, a l)ublic emergency now exists reQuiring the expend- <br />iture during the year 1931 fr om the C1J.rrent ~pense Fund of the Oi ty of <br />Auburn o~ moneys not provided for in the budget for the year 1931, for <br />the pux};lose of paying the salary in full of the Police Juclge of said <br />city for said year; that such emergency could not have been reasor~bly <br />foreseen at the time of n~king the budget of estimated expenditures <br />from the Current Expense Fund of the City of Aubl~n dlITing the year <br />1931, which budget VIas adopted by the City Coulloil in October, 1930, and <br />t~~t the esti~ted ammll1t of expenditures required to meet such emergency <br />is the sum of ~75.00. <br /> <br />Section 3. T.r.a t emergency warrants be dravm 0:-; the current <br />expense flmd of the City of Auburn in payment of such salary of the <br />Police Judge to the amount of but not to exoeed in the aggregate, the <br />S1W1 of :;:;75.00. <br /> <br />'\, <br /> <br />\ <br /> <br />TITTRODUCED September 1, 1931. <br /> <br /> <br />PASSED unanimously by the affirmative <br />vote of all councilmen present <br />September ~4t1931.~ <br /> <br />APJ?ROVED September 9, 1931. <br /> <br />~ <br />