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ORDINANCE NO. 5 3 4 5 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUBURN, <br />WASHINGTON, APPROVING REIMBURSEMENT OF FUNDS IN THE <br />AMOUNT OF TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THREE AND <br />00/100 DOLLARS, ($26,203), AND AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND CITY <br />CLERK TO EXECUTE A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN <br />THE SEATTLE-KING COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND <br />THE CITY OF AUBURN TO ACCEPT THE REIMBURSEMENT OF FUNDS <br />FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF A PORTION OF THE EDUCATIONAL ELEMENT <br />OF THE LOCAL HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. <br />WHEREAS, the Auburn City Council of the City of Auburn must adopt <br />and approve all appropriations by Ordinance pursuant to Chapter 35A.33 RCW; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUBURN, <br />WASHINGTON, DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1. Pursuant to Chapter 35A.33 RCW, the City hereby approves <br />the expenditure and appropriation of a total amount of TWENTY-SIX <br />THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THREE DOLLARS ($26,203) which constitutes <br />reimbursement of funds for sponsoring one Household Hazardous Waste <br />Collection Event, during which used motor oil, used tires and lead acid batteries <br />will be collected for recycling. The City will also coordinate the "Clean and <br />Green" campaign to promote the use of alternatives to household hazardous <br />products through promotional give-aways, educational messages and other <br />incentives as an element of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program <br />Ordinance No. 5345 <br />Ol/27/00 <br />Page 1 <br />