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L <br />rn <br />c=� <br />0 <br />an <br />0 <br />Return Address: <br />Auburn City Clerk <br />City of Auburn <br />25 West Main St. <br />Auburn, WA 98001 <br />RECORDER'S COVER SHEET <br />Document Title(s) (or transactions contained therein): MED gY pNVff <br />1. Ordinance No. 5350 <br />W3EO -(2 <br />Reference Number(s) of Documents assigned or released: C� <br />[]Additional reference Ws on page _ of document 0/5 <br />Grantor(s) (Last name first, then first name and initials) <br />1. City of Auburn <br />Grantee: (Last name first) <br />1. King County <br />Legal Description (abbreviated: i.e. lot, block, plat or section, township, range) <br />Additional legal is on page 6 of the document. <br />Assessor's Property Tax Parcel/Account Number: Said dooument(s) were filed for <br />record by Pecific Northwest Title as <br />accommodatbn only. It has not been <br />sxawr►ined as to proper execution er <br />❑ Assessor Tax # not yet assigned N to Its ~ uoon title. <br />