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<br />-/ <br /> <br />., <br /> <br />......... <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />....,:,-..;. <br /> <br />~. <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. 175E <br /> <br />AN ORDI:\M;CE OF THE CITY OF AUBURN, dASHIt-lGTON, RlcLATIl';G TO MlO PI~OVIDING <br />FOR THE ANNEXATION TO THE CITY OF AUBU~N OF II CONTtJUOUS ARCA OF <br />LAND LYING ADJACENT TO,THE NORTHEASTERLY MARGINAL LIKE OF ThE EXISTING <br />CITY LIMnS OF THE CITY OF AUBilRl';, WlllCH LAND IS DESCRIBED IN A <br />PETITION DULY FILED 'lI'ITH' THE? CITY COUN{;ll OF THE CITY OF AUBURN. <br /> <br />\'/HE-REAS, the City Coun\:i I of tlie City of Auburn was notified by <br />. . <br /> <br />owners of prOpe rty hay i ng more tha n ten percent in ya I ue of the asse!3sed <br /> <br />valuation within the proposed area,to be:: annexed: that they desired to <br /> <br />. , <br />c i rcu I ate a pet it ion 'bp comme.nce il,nnE\xaij ion "proceed inss to the city of <br />,. ..... ~ ..... <br /> <br />Auburn; and", <br />. WHLREAS, the City Counc i I of 1;he City of Aub urn subsequent! y author i zed <br /> <br />the circulation of the petition within the proposed area to be annexed; dnd, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the petit i on for annexat i on of the prope rty here i nafter <br /> <br />described was duly filed with the City Council of the City of Auburn on <br />c - - . <br /> <br />the 18th day of Ja"uary. 1965, which petition was signed by the, Owners of <br />more than 75%. in value of all of the property lying within the I imits of <br /> <br />the proposed are~ to be annexe~ accord i n9 to the assessed va I uat i On for <br />gene.ral taxati'on of the property for which an annexation is petitioned, <br />said petition setting forth th<:> leglll description of the property tQ be <br />annexed a~d being accompanied by a plat outl ining the boundaries of said <br />bree sough{ '6 he' annexed;" a~d. <br />HHERtAS, the City Council of the City of Auburn fixed a date for <br />'public hearing ,to be held at 8:0Q 1',14, in the City Hall of the Cit~ of <br />Auburn on 'February 1, 1965, setting forth not ice of said publ ic hearing <br />for arm~;)("tion tO,be publ ished in the official City newspaper of the City <br /> <br />of Auburn in One issue of SQid newspaper, clnd prOviding ~or the posting in <br />three public places within the Qrea proposed fOr annexation of copies of <br />said notice of public hearing; and, <br /> <br />''iHEREAS, notice of public hearing of said petition of annexation to <br />the City of Auburn has been duly published in the official newspaper of <br /> <br />the City of Auburn in one regular issue of said newspaper, and the said <br /> <br /> <br />notice of public heaping having been posted in three publ ic places within <br /> <br /> <br />the area proposed for annexation by the City Clerk of the City of Auburn, <br /> <br /> <br />and said 'publ i.c hearing being held. at 8:00 P,M. in the City Hall of the <br /> <br /> <br />City of Auburn on February 1, 1965f and the City Council of the City of <br /> <br />Auburn having determ'ined that said ailnexation is in the best interest and <br /> <br />Page One <br />