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CITY OF AUBURN, WASHINGTON <br /> ORDINANCE NO 6451 <br /> AN ORDINANCE of the City of Auburn, Washington, relating to the <br /> combined utility systems of the City; providing for the issuance of one or more <br /> series of utility system revenue bonds of the City in the aggregate principal <br /> amount of not to exceed $13,000,000.00 (1) to pay a portion of the cost of certain <br /> improvements described herein, (2) to make a deposit to the debt service reserve <br /> account, and (3) to pay the costs of issuance and sale of the bonds; fixing or <br /> setting parameters with respect to certain terms and covenants of the bonds; <br /> appointing the City's designated representative to approve the final terms of the <br /> sale of the bonds; and providing for other related matters. <br /> PASSED FEBRUARY 19, 2013 <br /> Prepared by <br /> Foster Pepper PLLC <br /> 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 3400 <br /> Seattle, Washington 98104 <br /> (206) 447-4400 <br /> 51267762 3 <br />