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Application Type <br />Residential <br />All Other Uses (includes mixed use projects) <br />Critical Areas Ordinance: <br />On -site monitoring & reporting (required) of wetlands & other <br />environmentally sensitive areas5 <br />Reasonable Use Determination <br />Review of critical areas report not associated with land use <br />approval request or SEPA threshold determination request <br />Review of reports and plans submitted to comply with <br />condition of land use approval or SEPA threshold <br />determination <br />Variance — administrative <br />Variance — hearing examiner <br />Current Use Taxation ( *application fee will <br />after which additional meeting fees apply) <br />Development Agreement — Amendment <br />cover 1 meeting with staff <br />Downtown Urban Center Design Review ( *application will cover 1 <br />meeting with staff after which additional meeting fees apply) <br />Environmental Reviews ( *application fee covers 1 meeting with staff <br />after which additional meeting fees apply): <br />SEPA Checklist review (includes City issuance of DNS, <br />MDNS, or DS as appropriate) <br />Revised or Supplemental SEPA Checklisi <br />City issuance of Addendum if appropriate) <br />Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or <br />(includes scoping process, preparation an d <br />and final EIS /SEIS) <br />SEPA 3rd party review <br />Environmental Impact Statement <br />Fee for Posting Public Notice Boards: <br />2x4 Notice Board <br />4x4 Notice Board <br />review (includes <br />Supplemental EIS <br />issuance of draft <br />Fee <br />$414.00 <br />$554.00 <br />$300.00 per monitoring <br />event <br />$259.00 <br />$500.00 <br />$259.00 <br />$259.00 <br />$1,000.00 <br />$800.00 <br />$2,200.00 + $60.00 /lot <br />or dwelling unit <br />$1,139.00 <br />$802.00 + 259.00 per <br />required special study <br />$350.00 + 259.00 per <br />special study <br />$802.00 + actual costs <br />to prepare, conduct <br />and issue <br />Actual costs <br />$802.00 + actual costs <br />for preparation of draft <br />& final statements <br />including labor, <br />materials, mailing & <br />other actual costs <br />relating to the drafting <br />& circulating of the EIS <br />$80.00 <br />$136.00 <br />4 Per Auburn City Code, a major adjustment to an approved conditional use permit shall be processed in the same <br />manner as the original conditional use permit approval. Therefore, the specified fee shall apply to a new request for <br />conditional use permit approval or a request for a major adjustment to a previously approved conditional use permit <br />approval. <br />5 For monitoring required over multiple years, the total monitoring fee for the required monitoring period shall be paid <br />prior to final plat approval or issuance of Certificate of Occupancy or acceptance of required bond. <br />Page 2 <br />