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<br />~. <br /> <br />,.. , <br /> <br />.' <br />" <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. 1788 <br /> <br />AN OiWINANCE OF THE CITY OF AUBURN, HASH1'NGTON, RELilTING TO AND P;~OVIDING <br />FOR ThE ANNf;XATION TO THE CITY OF AU8U~N OF A CONTI"UOU$, AREA OF LAND <br />LYING ADJACENT TO THE SOUTHEASTERLY MclRGINrlL LII';E OF TiiE EXISTING CITY <br />LIMITS OF THE CITY OF AUBUFlN, ,'/HICH L+\~D IS DESCl~IBE\) IN A PETITION <br />D~LY FII:~f) AITH THE CITY COUNCIL OF'THE CITY OF I\UBLIt~N. <br /> <br />','/HEREAS, the City Counc,il of the City oJ Auburn was notified by owners <br /> <br />of property having more than ten per cent in value of the assessed valua- <br /> <br />tion within the proposed area .to be annexed, that they desired to circulilte <br /> <br />a petition to commence annexation proceedin~s to the City of Auburn; and, <br /> <br />< <br /> <br />\'/HEREAS, the City Council of the City of Auburn subsequently.authorized <br /> <br />the circulation of the petition within the proposed area to be annexed; and, <br /> <br />vIHEREAS, the pei:ition for 'annexati.on of the property here,inafter de- <br />scribed was duly filed with the City Council'oF the City of Auburn on the <br /> <br />12th day of March, 1,965, Wh iCh petition was s i gne d by the owners of more <br />than 75% in value of a II of the property lying with in the limits of the <br />proposed area 'to be annexed accordi ng to the ass essed va I uat ion for general <br /> <br />taxation of the property for which an annexation is petitioned, said peti- <br /> <br />t ion sett i ng forth the I ega I descr'i pt i on of the property to be pnnexed and <br />. ,I . . <br />being accompanied by a plat outl i~'in9 the bounda~ ies of said, area sought <br />. '. <br /> <br />to be annexed; and, <br /> <br />, . <br /> <br />dHEREAS, the City Counci I of the City of ,l;uburn fixed a. date for <br />publ ic hearing,to be he'ld at 8:00 P.M. in the City Hall of the City of <br />Auburn On May 3, 1965, sett ing forth not ice of said publ ic hear ing for <br />annexation to be publ ished' in the official City newspaper of the City of <br />, , <br /> <br />" <br />Auburn in one issue 'of said'newspaper, and providing for th.e posting in <br /> <br />three pub I i c places with in the area proposed for annex-at i on of cop i es of <br /> <br />said notice of public hearing; and, <br /> <br />WHEi1EAS, notice of publ ic hearing of said pet,ition of. annexation to <br /> <br /> <br />the City of fuburn has been duly p.ubl ished in t'he official neWSPQper of <br /> <br />not ice of <br /> <br />of- Auburrr' in one 'regu I arissue ,of :sa id newspaper, and the sa id <br />'1 i .,.t" , ~ <br />,ll': ;a.. ... ,jf. . 1 . "',' ,;. . ..., '.\ , <br />public hearing havih,~ been posted 'in~three publ ic places I.ithin <br />~ ~ ~..I , <br />. . " <br />proposed fqr arii1~xationb,y thl" C!i;y Cled< of the City of Au')urn, <br /> <br />the City, <br /> <br />the area <br /> <br />. <br />and said pub! ic he'a'r'ing being t\el.4 at',8:0'Q' P,M. in the City Hall of the <br />City of Auburn on /1.:ay 3, 1965, and the City Counci I of the City of Auburn <br /> <br />having determined that said annexation is in the best interest and welfare <br /> <br />Page One <br />