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ORDINANCE NO: L652 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF AUBURN, WASHINGTON PROVIDING FOR THE. ACQUISITION <br /> AND CONSTRUCTIo;1 CF"CERTP.1NL FREE OFF-STREET PARKING FACILITIES WITHIN <br /> THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF AUBURN IN ACCORDANCE WITH PETITIONS <br /> SIGNED BY A MAJORITY OF THE AFFECTED PROPERTY OWNERS AND FILED WITH <br /> THE CITY CLERK OF SAID CITY; AND A CERTIFICATION OF THE CITY ENGINEER <br /> OF SAID CITY HAVING BEEN FILED CERTIFYING THAT A MAJORITY OF THE <br /> AFFECTED PROPERTY OWNERS HAVE SIGNED THE PETITIONS AND THAT ALL OF <br /> THE FACTS SET FORTH IN SAID PETITIONS ARE TRUE AND THAT THE ESTIMATED <br /> COST TO THE PROPERTY WILL NOT EXCEED THE LIMIT ESTABLISHED BY LAW; <br /> CREATING AN ENLARGED LOCAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT TO BE KNOWN AS LOCAL <br /> IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 155; PROVIDING FOR THE NECESSARY PROPOSED, <br /> IMPROVEMENTS; PROVIDING FOR THE METHOD OF ASSESSMENT IN SAID DISTRICT, <br /> AND PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE AND SALE OF LOCAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT <br /> WARRANTS REDEEMABLE IN CASH AND LOCAL. IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT BONDS. <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Auburn, by Ordinance No. 1645, adopted October 21 , <br /> 1963, has heretofore adopted a comprehensive plan for the provision of free <br /> off-street parking facilities within the corporate limits of the City of <br /> Auburn; and <br /> WHEREAS, by petitions signed by a majority of the property owners of <br /> the property within the proposed assessment district hereinafter created, <br /> provided by law, the property owners therein have requested the City Council <br /> to create a local improvement district for the purpose of acquiring and <br /> establishing seven (7) free off-street parking lots within the central bus- <br /> iness district of the City of Auburn, upon property more particularly des- <br /> cribed hereinafter in accordance with said comprehensive plan; and, <br /> WHEREAS, the City Engineer has caused an estimate to be made of the <br /> cost and expense of each unit of the proposed improvement and has certified <br /> said estimates to the. City Council , together with all papers and informa- <br /> tion in his possession touching the proposed improvement, a description of <br /> the boundaries of the District, a statementof the aggregate actual' valua- <br /> tion of the real estate, including 25% of the actual valuation of the <br /> improvements in the proposed District, according to the valuation last <br /> placed upon it for the purpose of general taxation; and, <br /> WHEREAS, said engineer has also determined that the petitions are <br /> sufficient and _that the facts therein. set forth are true; and, _ _ _ _ <br /> WHEREAS, said estimates are on file in the office of the City Engineer, <br /> togehter with a detailed copy of the preliminary assessment roll and the <br /> plans and assessment map of the proposed improvements; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUBURN, WASHINGTON, . <br /> DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> Section I . That seven (7) free off-street parking lots with regulated <br /> parking shall be acquired and established within the central business dis- <br /> trict of the City of Auburn, said areas to be utilized for off-street park- <br /> ing lots being described as follows; Page one <br />