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!!! • • 1•!!!'41..<1 .:!•!:!;4;•!.• j.' • , ' <br /> ' • ''ORD1 NANCE NO.' ' ' <br /> AN- ORPTNANCE OF THE 'CITY-PTAUBURN, WASHINGTON, ADOPTING A COMPREHENSIVE <br /> PLAN FOR THE PROVISION OF OFF-STREET ,PARKINQ' SPACE AND FACILITIES ' <br /> FOR MOTOR VEHICLES WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF AUBURN; <br /> 'DECLARING THE ESTIMATED COST THEREOF AS NEAR AS MAY BE; PROVIDING_ <br /> FOR',-THE CREATION AND FINANCING THEREOF BY LOCAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT <br /> To THE PROVISIONS OF TITLE 35 OF THE REVISED CODE OF WASH- <br /> - <br /> ' lisiGTONI PROVIDING FOR A PUBLIC HEARING ON SAID COMPREHENSIVE PLAN. <br /> WHEREAS, the. City of Auburn, Washington, has heretofore made economic <br /> • - antLiShysical surveys deemed necessary by the City Council thereof pertain- - <br /> 'Ang '-to the necessity' and feasibility of providing off-street parking space <br /> and facitities for motor vehicles within the City, one of such. surveys T *. <br /> t • <br /> being' included as .a} part;-Of the central business district development plan <br /> prepared for the City of Auburn and submitted to the City in December of <br /> - . 1q61 . and <br /> - : <br /> WHEREAS, the City Of Auburnr, by chapter 302 of the 1959 Session Laws <br /> of the State of Washington (R.C.W. . Chanten 35,86), is authorized to <br /> • provide off-Street parking space and facilities for motor Vehiclesafid the <br /> usel:Fef 0441 property for such purpose' has been 4e4ieredtote a , Public use, <br /> ;cm ata:.-ther, City , is 'aUthorized to finance itta1/4aquigitimil' and construction of - <br /> such. eff=istreet 'parking space -and/or facilities by the creation of Local <br /> ! tiiproYement Districts in accordance with the provisions of Title 35-'0 .* <br /> ' • • ! <br /> Re4104,'Codia! of Washington; and, . <br /> Vg$V;1.P* f-OiktAas,= the City isin urgent need of 646999t9 off-street parking <br /> • 0•4spacsLand facilities for motor vehicles within the City and the City does <br /> • not have available any funds to meet the estimated cost providing such <br /> • off-,street parking space and facilities; end, <br /> .WHEREAS, petitions have been submitted to the City of Auburn request- <br /> ing <br /> the creation of a Local Improvement District for the purpose of acquiring <br />• and constructing certain off-street parking facilities situate within the <br /> --, 60rPorate ' llibits of the City of Auburn, tereinafter more particularly <br /> rclelarfibed;-. -]. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL .OF THE CITY 0F AUBURN, WASHINGTON,, I <br /> DO ORDAIN .AS FOLLOWS : <br /> Section 1. That, the City ,of Auburn, Washington, for strictly munici- <br />• pal purposes and in accordance thnOter! 302 of the 1959 Session LaWe :-, <br /> of the State Of Washington ,Chapter 35..86), hereby specifies and <br /> adopts a comprehensive plan for the provision of off-street parking S1596 <br /> P996 One s <br />