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CITY OF AUBURN FEE SCHEDULE <br />FEES FOR CITY PERMITS, LICENSES, PUBLICATIONS, AND ACTIONS <br />Effective January 1, 2020 <br /> <br />A. PLANNING FEES (Per Ordinance No. 5707, Ordinance No. 5715, Ordinance No. 5819, Resolution <br />No. 3797, Resolution No. 3953, Resolution No. 4070, Resolution No. 4117, Resolution No. 4143, <br />Ordinance No. 6077, Resolution No. 4272, Resolution No. 4424, Ordinance No. 6276, Resolution No. <br />4552, Ordinance No. 6295, Resolution No. 4868, Resolution No. 4880, Resolution 4964, Ordinance <br />6477, Resolution No. 5016, Resolution 5114, Resolution No. 5181, Resolution No. 5213, Resolution <br />No. 5228, Resolution No. 5255, Resolution No. 5312, Resolution No. 5319, Resolution No. 5388, <br />and Resolution No. 5470.) <br /> <br /> <br />1. Application Fees: Applications for any action identified below shall not be accepted for filing, <br />unless otherwise noted, until the fees per the below schedule have been paid to the City.1 <br />Additional Meeting Fee (beyond the specified number) $291.00 per meeting <br />Additional Re-submittal Fee (applied after 3 city reviews of the <br />application) <br />$71.00 per <br />re-submittal <br />Administrative Use Permits (covers 1 meeting with staff after which <br />additional meeting fees apply) <br />$1,552.00 <br />Appeal of Administrative Decisions issued under Chapter 1.25, Title <br />15, Title 16, Title 17 or Title 18 to Hearing Examiner1. Hearing <br />Examiner costs are included within the appeal fee and are therefore <br />not billed separately. <br />$1,126.00 <br />Binding Site Plan 2 (covers 2 meetings with staff after which <br />additional meeting fees apply) <br />$3,030.00 + $68.00/lot <br />Boundary Line Adjustment1: <br /> Residential (Single Family & Multi-Family) <br /> Non-Residential (includes mixed use projects) <br /> <br />$715.00 <br />$1,430.00 <br />Boundary Line Elimination1 $562.00 <br />Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments 3 (covers 2 meetings with <br />staff after which additional meeting fees apply) <br />$3,106.00 (includes rezone <br />application fee) <br />Comprehensive Plan Text Amendments3 (covers 2 meetings with <br />staff after which additional meeting fees apply) <br />$3,182.00 <br />Conditional Use Permits1, 6 (covers 2 meetings with staff after which <br />additional meeting fees apply) <br /> Residential (Single Family & Multi-Family) <br /> <br /> <br /> All Other (includes mixed use projects) <br /> <br /> <br />$1,126.00 + Hearing <br />Examiner expenses. <br /> <br />$2,252.00 + Hearing <br />Examiner expenses. <br /> <br />1 Please note that the City of Auburn may collect a review fee on behalf of the Valley Regional Fire Authority for certain land use <br />and/or environmental reviews which fee is collected in addition to the City’s required fees. <br />2 Per Auburn City Code, a modification to an approved binding site plan shall be processed in the same manner as the original <br />binding site plan approval. Therefore, the specified fee shall apply to a new or modified binding site plan approval request. <br />3 Fees for amendments to text or maps of the Comprehensive Plan apply only where an applicant seeks an amendment affecting <br />specific properties rather than the City generally or property within the City generally.