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Conditional Use Permits 4 – Minor Adjustment (covers 1 meeting <br />with staff after which additional meeting fees apply) <br /> Residential (Single Family & Multi-Family) <br /> All Other (includes mixed use projects) <br /> <br /> <br />$542.00 <br />$624.00 <br />Critical Areas Review: <br /> Required on-site mitigation, monitoring & reporting 5 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Critical Areas Determinations (Exemptions or Applicability) <br /> <br />City review of environmental studies, plans or reports (whether <br />submitted with another city application or not and includes one <br />re-submittal) <br /> <br /> Critical Areas Variance – administrative <br /> <br /> Critical Areas Variance – hearing examiner1, 6 <br /> <br />$1,101.00 + actual costs for <br />inspection and report <br />preparation by contracted <br />professional. <br /> <br /> <br />$291.00 <br /> <br />$291.00/study, plan or report <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />$291.00 <br /> <br />$1,093.00 + total hourly <br />charge for Hearing Examiner <br />+ associated expenses to be <br />paid by applicant prior to <br />issuance of final decision. <br />Current Use Taxation (covers 1 meeting with staff after which <br />additional meeting fees apply) <br />$900.00 <br />Development Agreement and Amendments $2,476.00 + $66.00/lot or <br />dwelling unit <br />Architectural & Site Design Review and/or Major Modifications to <br />Already Issued Design Review Decisions (covers 1 meeting with <br />staff after which additional meeting fees apply) <br />$1,439.00 <br />Architectural & Site Design Review Minor Modification (applies to <br />already issued design review decisions) <br />$208.00 <br />Environmental Review (covers 1 meeting with staff after which <br />additional meeting fees apply) <br />SEPA Checklist review1 (includes City issuance of DNS, MDNS, <br />or DS as appropriate; if a DS, this fee is in addition to the review <br />of the EIS) <br /> <br /> Revised or Supplemental SEPA Checklist review1 (includes <br /> City issuance of Addendum, if appropriate) <br /> <br /> SEPA 3rd Party Review <br /> <br /> <br />$1,187.00 + $291.00 <br />/required study <br /> <br /> <br />$393.00 + $291.00 /required <br />study <br /> <br />Actual costs <br />Environmental Impact Statement $2,254.00 + actual costs for <br />preparation of draft & final <br /> <br />4 Per Auburn City Code, a major adjustment to an approved conditional use permit shall be processed in the same manner as <br />the original conditional use permit approval. Therefore, the specified fee shall apply to a new request for conditional use permit <br />approval or a request for a major adjustment to a previously approved conditional use permit approval. <br />5 For monitoring required over multiple years, the total monitoring fee for the required monitoring period shall be paid prior to <br />final plat approval or issuance of Certificate of Occupancy or release of required financial security.