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<br />Ý·¬§ ±º ß«¾«®² <br />Business Outlook 2006 <br />Community Pro¿ le <br />Auburn Market Area Demographics <br />When it comes to <br />economic growth, Auburn <br />Projected <br />has been leading the <br />200020052010 <br />region! <br />Population152,542162,740172,395 <br />Households57,18461,14464,827 <br />The Auburn area has <br />Median age33.334.234.7 <br />more available land at <br />Average <br />reasonable prices than <br />household <br />any other urbanized <br />income$55,898$64,744$76,784 <br />area in King County. <br />The community boasts <br />a large, capable labor <br />Homes (within a ¿ ve-mile radius of downtown) <br />force, cooperative City <br />Projected <br />government, a city <br />200020052010 <br />Economic Development Manager, a Small Business <br />Average <br />Assistance Center and a Chamber of Commerce <br />value$155,942$219,632$285,255 <br />committed to working closely with area businesses. <br />Owner- <br />occupied <br />More than a third of Auburn’s land is developed, <br />homes57.6%62.060.3% <br />providing a solid industrial and business base. The <br />remaining raw land is still very affordable. In fact, <br />Renter- <br />no other easily accessible area in King County has <br />occupied <br />land so reasonably priced. In regard to workforce <br />homes38.934.3%35.2% <br />readiness, the Auburn area draws from a skilled and <br />Vacant <br />mobile labor force of well over one million people who <br />housing units3.6%3.8%4.4% <br />live within 20 easily traveled miles. Auburn’s economic <br />Employment <br />indicators remain very impressive. <br />20002005 <br />Auburn is a great place to invest and do business. In <br />In labor force70.5% 93.2% <br />the last ten years, we have seen the development of <br />Not in labor 29.5% 6.8% <br />a new YMCA, a new Justice Center and downtown <br />force <br />revitalization. The SuperMall of the Great Northwest, <br />Emerald Downs Race Track, Muckleshoot Casino, <br />City of AuburnAuburn 5-Mile <br />Auburn Performing Arts Center, White River Valley <br />PopulationMarket Area <br />Museum, White River Amphitheatre, Washington <br />198026,417N/A <br />National Golf Course, the commuter rail station and <br />199033,102N/A <br />the new Safeway distribution center. <br />200042,901152,215 <br />The $11 million Ace Project that is underway will place <br />200445,355161,242 <br />a full service hotel, a 5,000-square-foot indoor water- <br />200648,747164,740 <br />park, 2,000-square-foot conference center, 2,000- <br />201055,000172,395 <br />square-foot spa, 3,000-square-foot working turn-of- <br />(Projected) <br />the-century hardware store museum, two restaurants, <br />and nearly 40 condominiums right in downtown <br />Auburn by winter 2006. The area surrounding the <br />SuperMall will continue to develop, as will the 277 <br />th <br />Street business corridor in North Auburn. <br /> <br />