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RIGHT-OF-WAY (ROW) <br />USE PERMIT REQUESTS <br />BLOCK PARTIES <br />INFORMATIONAL PACKET <br />Contents: <br />1. Right-of-Way Use Application for Block Parties (Form FE107) 1 page <br />2. Block Party Petition (Form FE161) 1 page <br />3. Right-of-Way Use Application Notice to Applicant (Form FE189) 1 page <br />4. Hold Harmless Agreement (Form FE002) 1 page <br />5. Right-of-Way (ROW) Use Permit Process (Form FE036) 2 pages <br />6. General Conditions for Issuance of Right-of-Way (ROW) Use Permits (Form <br />FE035) 3 pages <br />H:\FORMS\FE103.docPage 1 of 1 <br />