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CITY OF <br />DBURN <br />WASHINGTON Planning, Building, and Community Department <br />Conditional Use Permit General Information <br />The Conditional Use Permit process is to potentially allow uses that are not permitted outright <br />within a zone district. These uses typically require a special degree of control to make sure the <br />uses are consistent with and compatible to other existing and permitted uses within a zone. <br />Requirements: A conditional use permit is required for all land uses listed as conditional uses <br />in the various zoning districts. <br />Procedures: At the time you submit an application, you must have all of the items listed on the <br />attached Conditional Use Permit Submittal Requirements form. Within 28 days of receiving <br />your application, city staff will determine if the application is complete based on the attached <br />checklist. If the application is not complete, then a letter detailing the required information will <br />be sent to you. <br />This type of application requires a public hearing before the Hearing Examiner. Please note that <br />the owner and/or representative must be present at the public hearing. The application will be <br />tabled if the owner or a representative is not in attendance. <br />The Hearing Examiner's written decision is in the form of a recommendation, with the City <br />Council making the final decision. If the council wishes to modify or reject the Hearing <br />Examiner's decision, then a closed record hearing must first be scheduled. <br />Please note that a conditional use permit must be implemented within two (2) years of the <br />approval. If a building permit or occupancy permit has not been issued within the two (2) year <br />period, the conditional use permit shall become null and void. <br />If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 253-931-3090. <br />Page I of 2 <br />AUBURN *MORE THAN YOU IMAGINED