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Contractors Material and Test Certificate <br />Fire Alarm and Fire Detection Systems <br />? Yes ? No - Fire Alarm System is ready for Fire Department acceptance testing. Failure of test will result in <br />termination of the testina and additional fees will be assessed. <br />Date: Permit # <br />Installing Company: <br /> <br />Installing Contractor's Address: <br /> <br />City: Phone #: <br />Installers Name (PRINT): License and/or Certificate: <br />Name of Facility: Address: <br />City: Zip: Phone: <br />Occupied As: Owner or Rep: <br />Authority Having Jurisdiction: - Auburn Fire Department Phone: _253-931-3060 <br />General Contractor: Contact Name: <br />Electrical Contractor: Contact Name: <br />FACP Equipment Manufacturer: Model #: <br />This system has been installed, PRE-TESTED and operates in accordance with the standards listed below. This <br />system was inspected and PRE-TESTED by: on and includes the devices <br />listed below. <br />NFPA 72, Chapter 1,3,4,5,6,7 (circle all that apply) <br />NFPA 70, National Electrical Code. Article 760, Manufacturer's Instructions <br />Manufacturer's Instructions <br />Other (Specify) <br />The above system is monitored by: Proprietary <br />Phone #: <br />Siqned: <br />EQUIPMENT INSTALLED AND TESTED: <br />Control Panel: of Make / Model: <br />Manual Station: of Make / Model: <br />Smoke Detectors: of Make / Model: <br />Heat Detectors: of Make / Model: <br />Duct Detectors: of Make / Model: <br />Remote Central Station. Name of monitoring station is <br />Contact Name: <br />Date: