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CITY OF <br />DBURN <br />WASHINGTON <br />Planning, Building, and Community Department <br />Critical Areas Variance General Information <br />A critical areas variance is a request to vary from the standards of the Critical Areas Ordinance <br />(Auburn City Code 16.10).Minor variances, defined as up to and including 10 percent of the <br />requirement, may be granted by the Planning Director. Variance requests which exceed 10 <br />percent may be granted by the Hearing Examiner. <br />Requirements: Submit all necessary materials requested on the Critical Areas Variance <br />Submittal Requirements form including the SEPA submittal requirements (see separate form). <br />Procedures: Within 28 days of submitting an application, city staff will determine whether the <br />application is complete and the applicant will be notified by letter. After a SEPA threshold <br />determination is issued and the SEPA appeal period concludes, the Planning Director will issue <br />decision on the proposal. The Planning Director's decision can be appealed to the Hearing <br />Examiner. <br />Applications that request more than 10 percent deviation require a public hearing before the City <br />of Auburn Hearing Examiner once the appeal period for the SEPA threshold determination has <br />ended. At the hearing, information, testimony, and exhibits are entered on the proposal. Once <br />the hearing concludes, then the hearing examiner will issue a written decision within 10 <br />business days. The hearing examiner's decision can be appealed to the City Council. <br />If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 253-931-3090. <br />Page I of 2 <br />AUBURN *MORE THAN YOU IMAGINED