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•• <br />CITY OF <br />ADBURN <br />WASHINGTON <br />Date: <br />Project Address: <br />Project Name: <br />Project Contact: <br />Corrections / Revisions/ <br />Information Submittal Form <br />Building Division <br />25 West Main Street <br />Auburn, WA 98001 <br />(253) 931-3020 <br />Permit #: <br />Staff Use Only <br />Received B : <br />Date Submitted: <br />Requested by City Staff? <br />? Yes <br />? No <br />Phone: <br />Reviewer: <br />Department: <br /> TYPE OF SUBMITTAL NUMBER OF <br />SETS/COPIES <br />? Architectural Plans <br />? Structural Plans <br />? Structural Calculations <br />? Site Plans <br />? Civil Plans <br />? Mechanical Plans <br />? Plumbing Plans <br />? Other - please describe <br />Describe the nature of the changes/revisions: <br />Please submit revisions/corrections for building permits through the Permit Center, not <br />the reviewer. <br />Always mark, highlight, or cloud revisions, corrections or changes. <br />Corrections / Revisions / Information Submittal Form <br />Revised 12/512003 <br />AUBURN *MORE THAN YOU IMAGINED