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&CITY OF * <br />Building Division <br />AUBURN 25 West Main Street <br />Auburn, WA 98001 For Staff Use OnI <br />WAS H I NIGTON (253) 931-3020 <br /> Application No: <br />Commercial Building Permit Application <br />Permit Type (circle): QNew QAddition OAlteration OTI ODemolition Value of Construction $: <br />Project Site Address (including suite number): Tenant / Project Name: <br />Parcel No.: (required) Legal Description: <br />Property Owner: Address: Phone No.: <br />Applicant: Address: Phone No.: <br />Contractor: Phone No.: <br />Address: <br />State Contractors License #: Auburn Business License #: <br />Architect: Phone No.: <br />Address: Email: <br />Engineer: Phone No.: <br />Address: Email: <br />Description of Work (specific): <br />Type of Construction Number of Stories <br />(IA, 113,11A, 1113, 111A, 11113, 1v, VA, VB) Building Height Building SF <br />Zone Number of Units Air Conditioned SF <br />Parking: No. Required Modular Building 0 Yes Q No Sprinklers RequiredQYes ONo <br />No. Provided Change of Use Q Yes Q No Sprinkled Area SF _ <br />ADA No. Provided Vacant Site Q Yes Q No Fire Alarms QYes QNo <br />Occupant Load Mixed Occupancy QYes ONo <br />Occupancy Group 1 SF Gro up 2 SF <br />Group 3 SF Group 4 SF <br />I certify the information furnished by me is tine and correct and that I am the owner of the subject property or I have been given <br />express permission by the owner of the subject property, to submit this application for permit. I will comply with all provisions of <br />law, code and ordinances governing this type of construction work, including state contractor registration laws. The permit will expire <br />if work authorized by this permit is not commenced within 180 days of issuance, or work is suspended or abandoned, after work is <br />commenced, for a period of 180 days. The approval of construction plans and inspections does not guarantee all provisions of the <br />applicable codes have been met. It is the responsibility of the pennitee, or the person doing the work, to notify the Building Division <br />for inspections at least 24 lrrs in advance, and insure that the required inspections are made. <br />Application expires 180 days after Date Submitted <br />Owner/Agen <br />H:ABUILDING\Forrns2\C0MMERCIAL PERMIT APPLICATION.doc 1/18/2006