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CITY OF <br />DBURN <br />WASHINGTON <br />Planning, Building, and Community Department <br />Boundary Line Adjustment General Information <br />A Boundary Line Adjustment is the realignment of property lines between adjacent parcels. <br />Additional legal lots may not be created. <br />Requirements: All amended lots shall meet the minimum lot sizes and otherwise satisfy the <br />review criteria outlined in ACC 17.16. The current standards apply even if the original lot(s) did <br />not conform. NO amended lot may create a non-conformity or increase the level of non- <br />conformity with any current regulation. <br />Procedure: The process for a boundary line adjustment consists of approval and recording. <br />Within 28 days of receiving your application, city staff will conduct its initial review and <br />determine if the application is complete based on the attached submittal requirements. If the <br />application is not complete or corrections are needed, a letter is mailed detailing the necessary <br />information to complete the application or corrections that need to be made. <br />The Planning Director will make the decision to deny or approve the application based on the <br />comments provided by the City Engineer. The Planning Director's decision may be appealed to <br />the Hearing Examiner. <br />Once an application is ready for approval, staff will contact you to submit mylar original drawings <br />for signatures. The city will record the mylar and any associated documents with the respective <br />county (King or Pierce). Required recording fees are the responsibility of the applicant. <br />If you have any questions please contact the Planning Department at 253-931-3090. <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />AUBURN *MORE THAN YOU IMAGINED