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CITY OF <br />DBURN <br />WASHINGTON Planning, Building, and Community Department <br />Administrative Use Permit Submittal Requirements <br />The following information shall be included with the Master Land Use Application: <br />? Master Land Use Application. 10 copies <br />? All applicable fees (See the City of Auburn Fee Schedule). <br />? 10 copies of a vicinity map. <br />? 10 copies of a site plan at a minimum scale of 1"=50' showing the following information: <br />a. Boundary and dimensions of property. <br />b. Adjacent public streets. <br />c. Easements, existing and proposed. <br />d. Location and size of all existing and proposed utilities. <br />e. Location of buildings, including setbacks. <br />f. Location and layout of off-street parking. <br />g. Location and height of fences. <br />h. Location and size of signs. <br />i. Landscape detail, existing and proposed. <br />j. Height of structures. <br />? 10 copies of narrative answering the following questions: <br />a. Will the use adversely affect the health, safety, or comfort of persons living or <br />working in the areas, and will be no more injurious, economically or otherwise, to <br />property or improvements in the surrounding area, than would generally be <br />permitted in the district? <br />b. Is the proposal consistent with the goals, policies, and objectives of the <br />Comprehensive Plan? <br />c. Does the proposal comply with all requirements of the Zoning Code? <br />d. Can the proposal be constructed and maintained to be appropriate in design, <br />character, and appearance with the existing or intended character of the general <br />vicinity? <br />e. Will the proposal adversely affect the public infrastructure? <br />Please note: In order to help work out potential problems before the formal submittal, the City <br />of Auburn recommends that applicants attend a pre-application meeting. These meetings are a <br />free service the City provides. Additional information may be required. The applicant will be <br />notified in writing if additional information is necessary. <br />If you have any questions or wish to arrange a pre-application meeting please contact the <br />Planning Department at 253-931-3090. <br />Page I of I <br />AUBURN *MORE THAN YOU IMAGINED