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k <br />l1 I't' ??h <br />AUBURN <br />Date Submitted: <br />APPLICATION <br />Name of Business: <br />Name of Applicant: <br />Address: <br />Phone Number: ( ) <br />Fax Number: ( ) <br />Please describe in detail the business activity involved and if you will be having <br />customers to your home: <br />Planned days and hours of operation: <br />Refer to Auburn City Code (ACC) 18.60.020 (J) <br />Type of equipment to be used. <br />Refer to A CC 18.60.020 (8) <br />Will commercial vehicles be parking at your home? Yes or No <br />Number of employees working within the home other than yourself? <br />Refer to ACC 18.60.020 (A) <br />Is offstreet parking available for employees? Yes or No _ <br />Area of home (square feet) to be used for business: <br />Refer to ACC 18.60.020 (C) <br />Will alterations of your home be required? Yes <br />Refer to ACC 18.60.020 (D) <br />Size & number of signs: <br />Refer to ACC 18.60.020 (G &H) <br />or No <br />For office use only <br />Planning Department recommendation: <br />Bus. Reg. # <br />Approved: <br />Special Home Occupation Permit Required: Yes No <br />Approved with following conditions: Applicant must observe Auburn City Code 18.60.020 <br />requirements. <br />HOME OCCUPATION <br />If you have any questions, please contact the Permit Center at (253) 931-3020.