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C:1TY OF <br />AUBURN Building Division <br />25 West Main Street <br />WASH IIIC;TON Auburn, WA 98001 <br />(253) 931-3020 <br />Grading Permit Application <br />For Staff Use Only <br />Permit Number <br />Date Submitted <br />Received By <br />Project Information/Description: <br />Site Address: Parcel No. (Required): <br />Legal Description: <br />Description Of Work: <br />Property Owner: Phone/Hm: Phone/Wk: <br />Address: <br />(City/St/Zip) <br />Project Contact: Phone: <br />Contractor: Phone: <br />Address: <br />State Contractor's License #: Business Registration No. <br />Engineer: Phone: <br />Address: <br />(City/St/Zip) <br />Architect: Phone <br />Address: <br />(City/St/Zip) <br />Estimated Completion Date: Amount of Fill: Amount Exported: <br />Amount of Excavation: Max Depth Fill: Soil Rpt By: <br />Max Depth of Exc: Max Slope Fill: Eng Geol Rpt By: <br />Max Slope Exc: Amount Imported: Project Value: <br />NOTE: <br />1) This permit does not constitute approval or compliance with the rules, regulations, or requirements of any other <br />jurisdiction, which may relate to the above project. <br />2) Check with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for possible permit requirements. <br />3) Permits are non-transferable. <br />4) HAUL ROUTES SHALL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL FILLS IN EXCESS OF 500 CUBIC YARDS. HAUL ROUTES <br />SHALL BE SUBMITTED FOR APPROVAL PRIOR TO ISSUANCE OF THE GRADING PERMIT. <br />I CERTIFY THAT THE INFORMATION FURNISHED BY ME IS TRUE AND CORRECT AND THAT THE APPLICABLE <br />CITY OF AUBURN REQUIREMENTS WILL BE MET. <br />Owner/Agent: Date: <br />Printed: <br />C:\Documents and Settings\jcheval\LocaI Settings\Temporary Internet Files\0LKB1\GRADING PERMIT APPLICATION.doc