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CITY OF <br />DBURN <br />WASHINGTON Planning, Building, and Community Department <br />Final Plat General Information <br />An application for final plat may be filed by the property owner or the property owner's <br />representative, but ONLY after preliminary plat approval has been granted by the City Council. <br />Please see the preliminary plat application form for specific requirements. Final plat approval is <br />to ensure that the final plat is in conformance with the approved preliminary plat, the required <br />facilities and improvements have been completed, the plat meets the applicable state and local <br />laws in effect at the time of preliminary plat, and that it has received the required certificates and <br />statements of approval. <br />Requirements: All information requested on the final plat submittal requirements form must be <br />submitted by the applicant. <br />Procedures: Once the City Engineer has certified that the improvements have been completed <br />or security in lieu thereof has been provided in accordance with ACC 17.08, a final plat <br />application can be submitted to the City. <br />Within 28 days of receiving a final plat application, city staff will determine whether the <br />application is complete. Please note that an application must be submitted at least 15 working <br />days prior to the next council meeting in order to be included on that meeting's agenda. City <br />Council meets on the 1St and 3`d Monday of the month. <br />Please be aware that additional information may be required. If you have any questions please <br />contact the Planning Department at 253-931-3090. <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />AUBURN *MORE THAN YOU IMAGINED