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FOG CONTROL PLAN <br />Company/Facility Name: <br />Facility Address: <br />Mailing Address: <br />On-Site Facility Manager/Director: <br />Business Phone Number: <br />Business Fax Number: <br />Does this company own or rent the building? Own Rent <br />Property Owners Name: <br />Property Owners Address: <br />Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) cause many problems in sanitary sewer lines. FOG collects <br />on the sides of the pipes, causing sewer blockages that result in sanitary sewer overflows. <br />The costs of increased maintenance on the sewer lines to prevent blockages are high. The <br />city has implemented a FOG program to eliminate FOG from our sewer system and meet <br />King County Metro requirements for sewer discharge. If any kind of visible sheen exists, <br />the discharge is in violation of the standards. Under Auburn City Code 13.20.140 section <br />B, FOG discharges into the sewer system shall not exceed 100 mg/L, the equivalent of <br />one teaspoon of FOG in thirteen gallons of water. The purpose of this FOG Control Plan <br />is to implement practices which will reduce the amount of FOG entering Auburn's sewer <br />system.