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NO TRESPASSING SIGN <br /> POSTING PROTOCOL <br />By signing the attached No Trespassing Authorization/Release Form, you and/or <br />your company has agreed to post the following No Trespassing Sign(s) on the <br />property. <br />The Auburn Police Department has been made an agent of the above <br />property and is empowered to enforce the property rights of the <br />IN THE ABSENCE <br />business/property owner of a business/property <br />representative. <br />These signs are to be conspicuously posted on the property. The following <br />guidelines will ensure effective posting of the sign(s): <br />1.Signs should be posted at each entry/exit drive to the property so that they <br />are clearly visible to entering and exiting vehicle and pedestrian traffic. <br />2.Signs should be posted along the building/property façade or perimeter <br />fencing, approximately every 100 feet at a height of 8 feet above ground <br />level where applicable. <br />3.Signs should also be affixed to parking lot light poles where applicable. <br />Signs may be purchased through Mike Harbin at Main Street Signs: <br />(253)-833-8500. Business Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. <br />Proof of this form is necessary to make an order. <br />* <br />Other signage may be posted but must have the above verbiage. These signs may <br />be approved by the Auburn Police Department on a case-by-case basis. Only <br />in the absence <br />approved signs will be enforced by the Auburn Police Department <br />of a business/property representative. <br />forms\no trespassing sign posting protocol\(9/04 kd) <br />