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AUBURN POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />NO TRESPASSING <br />AUTHORIZATION/RELEASE <br /> <br />Business/Property Description: ____________________________________________________________ <br />Print <br /> <br />Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ <br />Print <br /> <br />Business Phone: (_____) __________-__________ <br /> <br /> <br />Premise Owner/Agent: ___________________________________________________________________ <br />Print <br /> <br />I give the Auburn Police Department and its officers permission to enforce the Washington State Criminal <br />Trespass Law, per RCW 9A.52.070, RCW 9A52.080 and Auburn City Code 9.96.900 at the above location. By <br />signing this authorization and release form, the Auburn Police Department has been made an agent of the above <br />property and is empowered to enforce the property rights of the business/property owner in the absence of a <br />business/property representative. <br /> <br />If a subject enters or remains at the above location he/she will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution for <br />trespass. When the business is closed, no one has permission to use the property for any purpose. The parking <br />lot and surrounding property are reserved for the exclusive use of customers and employees during business <br />hours. Our company/I will cooperate with the Auburn Police Department and the City of Auburn Attorney for <br />any violation occurring on our property where a citation or arrest may occur. <br /> <br />I further agree to post No Trespassing Signs on this property, which will read: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />I have authority to restrict use of the property for the purposes of Trespass Enforcement. <br /> <br /> <br />Premise Owner/Agent: _________________________________________________________________ <br />Print <br />Last, First, Middle <br /> <br />Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />Date: __________/__________/__________ <br /> <br />Phone Number(s) For Contact: (_____) __________-__________ (_____) __________-__________ <br /> <br /> <br />Return completed form to: Auburn Police Department <br /> 340 E Main St. – Suite 201 <br /> Auburn, WA 98002-5548 <br /> <br /> Phone: (253) 804-3106 Opt.1 Fax (253) 931-5108 <br /> <br />forms\trespass authorization-release\(9/04 kd) <br /> <br />