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<br /> <br />./ <br /> <br />~- <br /> <br />......~... ..... <br />'{(:'<~" ..'.. <br />..." .. .... <br />~ ,,c, :'~:?',',:.. <br /> <br />o R D I . ~\ A .~ C :I <br /> <br />.~ 0 *~26 <br /> <br />-:.. <br /> <br />kf~ OR.Dr~\A),:C]l: provi1ing for tIle 1mprovem.ant of t~1ose portions <br />of C. Stj,'~'3t 8.W~)J) str-~et i.W.)li str~et S.W. and F str~et i)...W'.... <br />s1 tua te b'3tween. Main street west and Trlird. street.' S.W. and. tl1at <br />portion of 'First ~trqet S.W.situate between C st~ceqt S:w. and <br />F Btl'~st S.W.,and tr~t portion of T:.l1ird street s..'1. situate he- <br />tWgen C stTget S.W. and D street S.W.)all in the City of AUburn <br />by the ~rading,paving and curbing of said. portions of C str~et ~..w. <br />D str' S.W.,ll s"creet S.W.)F stree'G S.W.,First street S.W.. and ' <br />Third. street S.W.,mld the doing of such other work as Sl1all be <br />necessary, all according to trJ.e plans and specifications on tila <br />wi t11 tl'l'1 City C'lark and in accordancs with the R'3S01ution of I11- <br />tentiol). providing for Loca.l Improv3m"'nt District "~0..15" a1JprOV- <br />ing and. adopting said plans and. spe cifica~iona; creati~g Local <br />Improvement District ~0.75 and Local Improvement FUnd)District <br />'i\o~. 75;; providing for tlH~ ass?ssffi'-mt of tIlE! cost and -axpsns'3 of <br />SUCll inrlH'ovement upon the property ~n said District; and providing <br />tor tile payment thereof "oy bon dS of said District. <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of AUbunl do or1ain as followS: <br /> <br />S ::.ction 1. That all those pOl~tiol1S of C str?et G.W..,D strget <br />S.W.,l1 street S.W. and F street S.W. sit' bstw~an Main street <br />W9S'~ and T:.'1ird street S.. W. , and all that pOl~t ion of First street <br />s.W. situate between C str~et S.W. and F straet S.W.,mld al.l tllat <br />portion of ~nird Str1ct S.W. situate b~tween C ~treet S.W. and <br />n.B tl:~e~~ ~~1Y..'1.&!::1 ~tn ~lle_ C! ty _ of AUbUTI1) be improv~d by <br />paving and CUrbing sai1 portl011s~ of c'-s.rtreet. 8.W...,D~'gtj!;-3'3t s....W~!) <br />:&: strt.'\et S.W.)F street a.W.)First street S.W. and Tnird stre€!t <br />s.w.)and the doing of such other work as Shall be n9c~ssaryto <br />propqrly complete said improvem~nt; all according to the plans <br />and sp4cifications for said improvam3nt prapared by ths City ~n- <br />gi11s~r and now on file in the offic-=> of the City C'lerk,and in <br />accordanC3 wi t:n t11Q. resolution of il1tQ.ution providing for Local <br />Impl'ovement Distl'ict -~o. 75 pasS~:l bY the City Council on April: <br />lst,l:92~v . <br /> <br />~C!ction 2. That tha plans and specifieatiol1s for said improve".. <br />ment pr~pa~ced 'oy the City';;ngineer and now on fil~ in t11$ offic? <br />of the City Clerk be, and the smne herebY ars)approved and adopted. <br /> <br />iqction 3. Tllat tIle c:.ost and ex:pel1s~ of said improvement) in- <br />cll11ing all n<1cc:;ssary and incidental expenses ,Sr.l.all be borne bY <br />and asst."l8S9:l against tl19 propqrty included'..Jin the ass.;:ssmgnt diSr'", <br />tric t 11,'~r-Jinaft9r Cl"ea tei according to .law.. Tua City of Kilburn. <br />SIlall not oG lia"o13 in any rnan:.ler for any portion of tlle cost and <br />Bxpanse of said imJ?rov~mel1t ""xc3pt as- ~~i-i1. provi1:d"L <br /> <br />;i;.! <br /> <br />s~ct ion 4-. ' t tller~ is 11~rebY 9sta-oliSllei a Local . <br />District to b3 called Local Improvement District 'Jo. 75) ,rrniCh said <br />District is described as follOWS: <br />ItAll of the property b~tW3ell tr.!.9 termini of tr.l.ose portions <br />of said streets proposod to be improv~d as aforesaid and <br />on each side th~reof,abutting upon)adjaCent)vicinal or <br />proximate to SUCh portions of said str''1sts to a distance <br />baclc f'l'om tI1S marginal lines tllereof .as provided -DY ,law.. It <br /> <br />, <br /> <br /> <br />~ ... <br /> <br />'-... <br />a<'~ct:Lon 5. said improv~mentshall be made by the City .~ <br />Auburn under the supervision of the City Council thereof 9~~lCh <br />committee or pp.l'sons as tlle City Council may designat.e~ ~ <br /> <br />~ S ~ction 6. T:.'1a t th~r~ 1S l1ersbY ~staold:Shed ;.n .t-:o..8 Treasury <br />~ of ~h~'City o~ AUburn a fund to- b~ blOWY.!. asuLbcal Improvement <br />Fulld,nin"trict ~o. 75"; tllat cHI money paid into th? t:c~asury 9f ~ <br /> <br />-~ <br />