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<br />Section 1. That Local Improvement 30nds of Local Improvement <br />District No. 68 of the Oi ty o~f Auburn be is,sued in the ma:r:ner and form. <br />provided "by Ordin8n ce No. 261 of the ordina1 ces of t-he City or 1.:uburn-' <br />relating to the iss,uance of Local Imp;rovement Bonds, for and on account <br />of the expense and cQst of making improvements pr04ided for by Ordinance <br />no. ~ 500 of the ordirian-ces of the City of Aubum, creating Local Im~ <br />provement District No\ 68~Qf said city. - /' <br />\ <br />Section 2. That the total amount of Local Improvement Bonds, <br />to be issued 88 _ in this 'ordinance provided, is hereby fixed at the sum <br />of 0 1.535.49 _ , sa'~d sum of $ 1.535.49 being the amount <br />of the cost and expense of\making the improvements ordered to be <br />made by the provisions 0 f Ordinance No. 500 remai ning unpaid. <br />after~ May 11. \, 1924. I <br />\ / <br />Section 3. That said bond~ shall be dated June 11 , 1924; <br />shall be in denominations of $10~r"Oo each, (3Jwept the first numbered <br />_ of said bonds which shall be in 1;11e sum of ~ I :3 ,1.,,- Lf Cf ; shall bear <br />interest at the rate of 7 per cent\per annum, payable annually, and shall <br />have attached thereto interestoupo,?S for each interest payment. <br /> <br />_ == ..... ..Sect-ion..,.4._ Th~t_i],h~ c~ty' Clerk of the City of Aubum is hereby <br />ordered and directed to be~ pr4:nt-ecl=auch /:tonds of"~~o.Qll.l__Jm- <br />provemGnt District No. 68,/and tl~, upon execution thereof in ~he= <br />manner l)rescribed by la'!/and the ordinal ces of said City, sa~d City <br />C~rk be an~ is ~erebv authorized to sell'saia bonds ~na deliver such <br />bonds to the purchase~or purchasers thereof upon p8~ment to said clty <br />of ~he amount or amo~nts of th~ principal of\such bonds or bond, together <br />with premiums a110, a9rCruec1 interest, if any ,8.l1(1 thr't thel'eupon the vla~o-..ants <br />of said Improvemen tf D:is trict No. 68 be retired, an 0_ that City Clerk <br />be ano. is hereby 8,~thoTize.d also to 0_eli ver 8no sell ~~~~ <br />ano accrued interest, if any, in exchange for and redemption or'said ,-' <br />Local Improvemf}-6t Fund, District l~o. 68, remaining Unl)aid. 1\ <br /> <br />S~ction 5. )!hat ~}^'is 0 ora~~nJ:)ce 811[111 t8ke effect alld 1)~ ir. force <br />flve ctE',YS"YO,-.l Pi1C1 8.:~'GeJ: 1-':i8 -"'as,ee.;e" ap-i)roval and publlcatlon as <br />req,Uireal0 law. .. ., <br /> <br />; , Introduced ana passed June 3, 1924. <br />~ I Aporoved ~une 3, 1924. ~ <br />,~, / <br />, <br />~J <br /> <br />-,. <br /> <br />.> <br /> <br />...... <br />:."..~"" <br /> <br />.! <br /> <br />... <br /> <br />;0;: <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />S-~<S <br /> <br />'-~:~~ <br /> <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />... <br /> <br />., <br />_I>~"~,~ <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />528 <br />f-~... Q <br />n o. ..d c O. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />o R DIN A N C E <br /> <br />AN ORDIDANCE providing for the issuance ,of bonds of Local _c <br />Improvement District No. 68, fixing the amount of such bond issue <br />and also the date and denomination of such bonds, and ordering <br />delivery of such bonds. <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Auburn do ordain as follows: <br /> <br />~ <br />" <br /> <br />Attest: <br /> <br /> <br />, <br />Mayor. <br /> <br />. City Clm-rk. <br /> <br />Approved as to form, <br /> <br />Published U.u~e 6, 192~. <br /> <br />~.J1~ .~,~h.MP-I <br /> <br />,City Attorney. ~ <br /> <br />; <br /> <br />