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<br />. <br />. ,~- <br />_. C'. . 1''''.~ <br />~~. <br /> <br />"' <br /> <br />-.--. <br /> <br />~-~. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />~".'i'~" <br />ct- "' <br />. '. .,' " ,- <br />"Jf. -. <br /> <br />.::, <br /> <br />>:,..;. .... r'!" <br /> <br />"'~-'}\....._...,..;.,- -:. <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />ORDI-M'~ClI -~O. 529. <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />:-:~:-:-: <br /> <br />A~ ORDI'~A,:,c:i IJrovidil1g for th~ issuance of 'oonds of Loca'l ":cm- <br />IJ rOVfml"l11t Dis:.rict -i\0~.66) fixing the amount of such bond issue and <br />alSo th~ date~and denomination of such bondSland ordering delivery <br />of SUCh bonds. <br /> <br />ThE:! City Council of the City of AU'ourn do ordain as fo.llowS: <br /> <br />,..:;; <br /> <br />i _ ct iOll -1". Tile. t local im:prov~morit bondS of Local Improvem~nt <br />Dis~rict ~o.66 of the City of AUburn be issued in the manner and <br />form IJrovided bY Ordinance ~o,26l of the Ordinanc~s of the City <br />of AUburn relating to the issuanc'? of ,local improvement bonds)for <br />and qn account of tlH~ cost and e:A.--pense of Inaking iInprovements IJro- <br />vided for bY Or1inance "5'-0...4-9-1 of the ordinanc~s of thS.C i ty of "" <br />AUburn cr~..ating Local Improvement District ~0.66 o.f said Ci tv # - ~ <br />. " -"...."' <br /> <br />i ect ion 2. T'na t tile total amount of said logal ilK.Qroil;;men,:t <br />bondS,to be issued as in this Ordinanc9 provi4sd,iS her~bY fixed <br />at the Sl.lln?f t.<'1<<i&,'17 ,.saidssum ~f .:l<lq~:"'7 ' being tIle <br />amouy~t of tne cost and s:x.-penS8 of lnal<L.'16 the ~m:provements or,.dsred <br />to be made by.tile provisions of said ordinance -~0.J+9'l r~ining <br />unIJ8:id after June 1 ~- ,.1924-~ <br /> <br />il"ction 3. That said bonds silall llB dated ~l~ I n .1924-, <br />Shall bq in 19UominatiOi1S of .' ()O. 00 each ex~r6t num- <br />be:ced of said bondS W11ich snaIl be in th8 sum of $.1-K-.!JL Shall' <br />bear interest at the rate of sevsn (7) IJer cent p~r aunum,paya~~e <br /> and 6h~11 r.tave at "cached thel'eto 1nt~r.os t coupons for e8n:.'1 <br />in t'-'n',sA t :payment.'" .. '" = .... <br /> <br />....;--/ <br /> <br />iection lI1.. Tl1at the City Clerk of the City of AUburn is r"erebY <br />ordered and direct~d to caus~ to be printed such bonds of Local <br />Improvement District i\0...66,and that, uIJon execution t:nerecf in the <br />manner prescribed by .law and t:ne ordinancAs of said city, said <br />City cl~rk be and is hereby authoriz~d to sell said bondS and dG- <br />,liver Sucl'l 'omds to tlv~ purChas~r or purCl1aSQrs thereof u}?on pay..,.. <br />ment to said city of the amount or amounts of tile principal of <br />SUCh bond or bands, together with IJr9milli~s and accrued interest; <br />if any, and that trlereupon the Y\rarl~ants of said Local Im}?rOvement <br />District -~0.66 -oe r.;tired,and that said City c'lerk be and is hel"e~ <br />bY alSo, autrlorize1 to sell and deliver'] S9-1d 'ocnds at IJar and ac- <br />crQ~d interest, if any,in exchange for and r~demIJtion of the war- <br />rants d.ra\lV'n upon said Local ImIJrOVement ;g:kS:s.:t.2~~ FiU1d, District <br />1,S.0.66)rl:lmaining ullIJaid.. <br /> <br />.9ction 5. Tl1a t t:niS ordir.tanca shall take ,effect and be: in <br />forc9 five dayS from and after its passage,a~proval and pUblica- <br />tion as requiraj by law. . <br /> <br />. Introd.uced. and pa~se1 ~~A^"L/ ) 1 . 19?1J." <br />APproved rA'r~} ) 1 ~ . ' <br /> <br />. /7 _ /J ~_ . ~__2fd'--'/' Ma~"'r_: ~ <br /> <br />AttQsJC,: "City C'lerk. , " <br /> <br />... <br /> <br />'~ <br /> <br />Agprov~d. as to form. <br />~.!' ~--,j <br />.. ~ -' - - C1t~~. Attorney. <br />IUb'l.i.s.r.1ed. ~ .1924-.. <br />C/ - ~ <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />) <br /> <br />t - <br />- .J <br /> <br />