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<br />~~. <br />~;._..,. . <br /> <br />~....r< <br /> <br />.". <br /> <br />~,...- <br />., "(-~" <br />'. .- <br />~.'''''''''_. -.:...._ .!IIiI'-~ <br /> <br />..., <br /> <br /> <br />.~ <br /> <br />~.'."'.':.'..' <br /> <br />F~": <br />~~\ ":-~:;:,. <br />~ ~, <br />/ ~ <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />o R DIY A .~\ 0 ~ -~ 0 AI 53 I. <br /> <br /> <br />. - "-" -" - . - . -' -. 531 <br />.... .."" <br /> <br />.-......... ~ <br /> <br />A-;'~ ORDr:A0.0ll: providing for the impro-cement of 'that <br />portion of 0 ~treet ~.W~situate between Main ~treet West <br />and. Tr.l.ird iitreet -~,.W.~of that :portion of D iitreet -0..W.sit- <br />uate c~tween l~iain itra;?t west and. T11ird itrget ~..W.. of trJ.8.t <br />portion of F i tr"3'et -0., W. 51 tua te. -oetween Main . tr~et wqS t <br />ai11 tIle soutt. bCUn1a:i."y lirre- of Lot 1"1'3 in Block A of LUn.'i'11.8 <br />Gard€n Tracts to AUburnlwashington~of tha'~ portion of G <br />~tr-$t ~~:>W. situate-~'oetVv'"2en Main iH1'2et W~st and the south <br />boundary lines of Lots Tl a::.1 '12. in Block A of Lunn1 s GardQn <br />T:-cacts to AUbUr111}.gton~al'ld that portion of Third ~tl"eG-t <br />~~W.Situate betw~~n the Wcs~ marginal line of the Tacom~ <br />i '"'attl,~ ?i~l:..t"...of~way of tlle '\;\Ortl1~rn Pacific Railway Oom};)a- <br />l1jT aria. :0 i t:n~ii1t -~. w. 1 all in the Oi ty of AUburn~ 'oy tile grai- <br />i~L)paving and curbing of all of said portions of said <br />str'3~ts ,and th~ d.oing of sucrJ. otl1er work afISi:..a.l1 'be necl3S- <br />sarY1al1 acco~vling to the plans and sp~cifications on fiTe <br />with tile City C'l'?:rk aYlj, in accorda:r.1C? wit11 th3 Resolution <br />of Intention providing for Local Improvement District -~o. <br />7T; apPl"ovil1g and adoptiug said :plans and. specifications;' <br />c:r€atin~ Local Impl"Oy-ement District 1\0.77 and Local Improve- <br />mSD.t F-o.nd, District -i\o" 77; providing for the assessment of <br />tIle cost and expense of such improvement upon tile property <br />of said District; and providing tor the' payment thereof by <br />bondS of said District.. <br /> <br />- """"-The City C-6urfciT ot-the-'OTty ot AUburn'" 1\0 ~or<W.1n""as" --.,.........- =-= <br />fo llOWS :. <br /> <br />iection rl'. That all portion ot C atreet ~.W.situate <br />between Main ~traet west and Third street ~.w.,all that por- <br />tion of D street ~.W.situate between'Ma1n itreet West abd <br />Third itreet ~.W.Ja1:1 that portion of F :iltreet '~.'W.situate <br />between Main itreet west and the south boundary Tine of Lot <br />-1-3 in :SloCl<: A of Luun1 s Garden Tracts to AUburn 1 WaShington, <br />al.l that portion of G i3treet 1.>..W. situate' between Main liltreet <br />west and the south boundary line of Lots 11 and 12 in Block <br />A of LUl1n's Garden Tracts to AUburn, Wasnington1and l!1-1b:11. that <br />portlQ~ of ~:ird itraet ~.W. situate between the west margi- <br />nal 1-1:,19 of th9 mcoma-ieattle right-ot-way ot the -~.ortllern <br />Pacific Railway Company and D ~tr?at ~\"I W" ,<all in t:ne Ci t:y- <br />of' Xu.-(}I..11~::--1 be im:pl'Oved. 'oy gra1il1.g) paving an1 curbing said. <br />POl'ttons of 0 iittr~~t ':1..W.,D street -~.W~I]' ~trq8t '~.W.,G <br />S tr~~t '0... W'" an1 T11ird straet ij.", W. ) an1 'c:rle 10Llg Jf Such <br />other work as sn.all 'oC n9c~ssary to pro:p8rly com:p19t~ said. <br />il:,:Ol~OV ~m 311t; all acco:c1 tilE: to tIt ~. plans al:d sp.... c~t.ficatior~s <br />::G~ S~2.~ :'::.::J;;;ov:-"!r1ont prApar'?1 -oy tr-:<? C1 ty :,'ngiIi'eer ai-:~d ;~J:V <br />0":.'"2- 1'i'le :L:l tIle? office of tl1a City Clerl<:,ana. in aCCOl"d.anc~ <br />wi tr.L t:le' rClsoluttol1 of intention providing' for Local Improve- <br />ment District '~0.77 llass~d 'oy t11q City Oounci-l on JUlle 3, <br />192'L <br /> <br />~ection 2. ~lat the plans and S~3cifications for said im- <br />pl'ov~mpnt pl'2-:pa:-c~1 bY t:r..e Oi ty :lngineer and now on fila in tr...e <br />offlc~ of tilS C1 ty Clerk 'oe, a~'~d t~le same :nereby are, approved <br />al1d ad oJft 11 . <br /> <br />Section 3- Tl1a~ the cost al:.1 qx:pl3ns'~ of said improvement, <br />includtr.g n.:: necessary a:11 incidental eX'..Q911sClS, Shall be <br />bornCl bV and. assssss1 against -el.1S' property inc::'u1e1 in tile <br />a"SS9ssm'~nt district :n'!:.'''''illaft91' cl'0ate1 according to law. lIha <br />City of Auourn sri-all r...ot. -De "11ab13 in any ma111l.zr for any llor- <br />ti on of trtS cost and ':JCp 111SB of said. im:provemellt ~xce}?t as <br /> <br />