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<br />'.~., <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br /><!'~'"'.'.a.. <br />~-' ""Ii <br />... .:.l. <br /> <br />~ <br />~~ :-.~- <br /> <br />4fIt" <br />f~~" ."~~' ~ <br />"'.J'i~,"" <br />"=';.- '""" <br /> <br />OR])IlrAIDE no. 5~#- <br /> <br />534 <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />~ <br />j::: <br />.:_, <br />L:'! <br />en <br /> <br />Ax: Ol-fDIR!1{CE providil1/j for the Jaying off, open~ng.' extEmcling, <br />\ and establishing of Second street S. E. between]) street S. E. and <br />El~. C. street S. E,., all in the City of Auburn; providir€ for the con- <br />~~! demnation, appropriation, taking r'l1d damaging of land. and other <br />! ;'J,,-?i roperty therefor, a:ncl for the ?-scertai:mnent 8l1d payment of just <br />.:::; r compensation to be made therefor; anCl. providing that the entire .costs <br />~ of said improvement, except compensation for legal services, shall <br />o e paid, on the il~1edic-te payment plan, by special assesffinen~~ ' <br />5 ssessed UpOl1 property s pecia~lly benefited, in t:le manner provid.ed <br />>- oy law. <br />a::l <br /> <br />~.;-.; <br /> <br />, TIBEREAS, ~ublic neces~ity and convenience demand that the property, <br />property rights and privileg~s herein specified be condemned, appro- <br />priated, taken and damaged for the purposes herein set forth, and <br /> <br />WH.b;REAS, Such improvement will be of special benefit -to sqid <br />lands, premises and other property; now therefore, <br /> <br />'rhe City Cou~"-cil of the City of Auburn do. ordain as follows: <br /> <br />Section 1. That Second street S. E. in the City of Auburn, as <br />the same is specified and defined by' Ordinance No. 384 of the <br />Ordinances of the City' of Auburn, passed and approved June 21, 1920, <br />as saicl Second street now exists east of ]) street S. E. in the said <br />City, be, and the smTIe is hereby Jaid off, opened, extended and es- <br />tablished froD ]). Street S. E. to C street S. E., all in the City <br />of Auburn, over, upon and across the following describer lots, blocks, <br />tl~acts or parcels of land lying al1d being situated in the City' of <br />Auburn, ....County of King, State :f 71ashington, and more p articuJa rly <br />describe(l f'S" folloV1S, to-wit: - - ... .,., - "" - m - c <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />Lot numberecl forty-one (41) in Ri verview Addi ti on to Auburn, <br />King County, Washington. <br /> <br />= Section 2. That all the lands, property, property rights, rights, <br />1'1'1 vileges and other :propert~r described in S~ctiol1 1 hereof be, 8l1d <br />the same hereby are, hereby declared necessary, and the same be, and <br />they are, hereby c onclemne d." ap)ropriated., dame..ged.. ancl taken by the_ <br />City' of Auburn, for the purposes set forth in this Ordinal1c e ,after <br />just compensation heving first been made or ~iCl. into Court for the <br />OVlners thereof. <br /> <br />Section 3. Th2t the entire cost of the improvement, except <br />camp e:nsation for legal services, provided. for here in shall be paid <br />011 the im:meCtiate paYl!lent pJa n and. solely by s re cial assessment upon <br />the property spec~ally benefited, in the manner provided by law, <br />and that no l)art of Sll ch cost shall be l)aicl from the [teneral fund <br />of the City of AubllrTI, except compensation for leeal services con- <br />nected therewith. <br /> <br />- <br />Section 4. That the City" Attorney be, End he is, hereb;y~ fully <br />authorized and. di rectee t 0 ta~:.e the necessar-,y steps for such comd.em- <br />nation, and to begin and l)rOSecute the actions and proceedings in the <br />manner provided by' law, to condemn, take, appropriate End d2mage th e <br />lands and other propl;}rty, property rights, and pri vileees, necessary to <br />carry" cut the provisions o{this Ordinance. " <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />\ <br /> <br />-- <br /> <br />.,. <br /> <br />