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<br />,- <br /> <br />-- .--- <br /> <br />.......... <br />r.. <br />..~ <br />.~~.. <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />----.... <br /> <br />- <br />, <br /> <br />iJ <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />~ ~ <br />~. <br /> <br />..... <br /> <br />ORDINANCE <br /> <br />~ <br />n o.~ 535 <br /> <br />AN ORDIrAICE: Providing for the improvement of that portion of <br />B Street S. E. in the Ci t~r of Aubl1rn , situate between Lain street <br />East and the soutT erly' mareinal line of Lot 14 in P.iverviev: Addition <br />to Auburn, b;r the gra.c1ill€, paving and cur1Jing of all of saicl, portion <br />of 13 street S. E., andtoT the ir:rprovemont of t: a: portion of lIain <br />street j}) t' e C" t,y of Auburn '3 i t1mte between a line CLravll1 ~,t <br />right a:r.[le.s ac:ross 1:a.i:o street East <met. il1tersecting the sO,ltherl;'l <br />boundary line of Lot 9 in Block 14 of Jallard's T:.ird Addition to.the <br />Tovm of Slaughte14 e.t 8 point 20 feet east of tr.e soutlwlest. corner of, <br />said Lot 9 [TId the east m~rGinal line of F street S. E. extended <br />northerly in a straight line across I:ain street East by the grading, <br />pav~l1g, curbing, 2nd siclewalking of all of said portion of I:ain <br />street East (vlhere not noVl so Lroroveo) so that, as so improved <br />there shall be a concrete ana cement curb on both sides of all of' sai~ <br />::iol.tion of Nain street East, the ollter edge of which curb shall be <br />approximatel~T 10 feet from the res:pective property lines, there shall <br />be concrete pnd cement sidewal~s on both 'sides of all of said portion <br />of F.~ain Street East extend ir~g from the respe ct i ve proJ}erty lines to <br />the ourb, and .a1Ll area and sJi.]ace between the northerly curb end the <br />southerlj1" curl) in saiel ~,ortion of I.~ain Street East s1:all be e;raded and- <br />paved for tl,e full width the reof, Emd the do ing 0 f such o the r 'work <br />as s}lall be necessary, all according to the plans al1C specifications <br />r'o .r:>~le "I,~J_'. J"-e Cl.t-,"" 01Ar" 0""(1' ",- 8CC01"C""'''''C8 '7"J"1 .L..'-e re""ol"+l'O'llt<, <br />....-1......!....L y ...l1....1.... vll ~ '-" _ __: .( J..!. J.~" ~<:>J.l . ..LVJ. uL. }..J "'tv 1.~ <br /> <br />of intel1tion. provicline; for Local Iuprovement :District ~~o. 78; c_pprov- <br />jng and, ~d.Opti!.lg said :Jlans c,ne. s'?ecificetions; creatiI:g Local Im- <br />provemem .Dis~rJ..~c't 1.\:0.;a,.t- F'Jnd.,_n;RJL:rj.9tl{0~. <br />78; ;.rovidil'lg for t:;;.e assesSi:1ent of tLe cost <::.110 e:::l)ense of s"."cr <br />inproveme:flt upon the :property 0:: saicl' district; ene. :;roviding for the <br />pOYDlent the~ceof by bonds of, sa:(l clistrict. <br /> <br />Tf:1E; City Cou21'cil of the City of Auburn do as follows: <br /> <br /> <br />Section 1. Tr...Dt all that })ortiol1 of B Street S. E. in the City <br />of ,A11burn sitllf te betvleon r:ai:r.. Street East ane1 the SOllt' erl;)?" merginal <br />line of Lot 14 in Rivervierl A(i(li t iOl: to Auburn be iml)rOved,. -.,y the <br />grading, paving, an~ curbiLG of all of said portion of B Street S. E. <br />anet the cLoiTg of otlJ.'er i{iOr~_ incioental tJ::ereto, and thpt ell that por- <br />tion 0:':' I~c,il'J Street East in tIle City of A111)llrn si tuate Jetvleen a <br />Line cravll1 et rig;lt ant::les acro s::;: Lai:~ stree-c Eest [' rit :.r.tersectinp: <br />the southerly' boundeTiJ ~ line 0 f :L.o:t; 9 in Blo clJ~ 14 0 f 3e.l1ard I s ~:;.ird <br />1..c1o it ion to the Tovm of Slaughter a t a po int .20 feet east of t~le <br />soutlTof/est corner of said. Lot 9 and the east lIJar5ilJal line of F Street <br />S. E. extencled 11ortherl;y' in a sJeraight liIJe across ~~ail: Street East <br />be improvea by the grac1ing, pavij:g, cllrbiDg, and sidevlalkir,g of all <br />O.p "'::1J..'c~ --O"~~iO'- n-? --~~_.. ~.:J~r':l"'.l- 1;'",,,,.L.. ( ..,,'e-'e -'0J- -'-0''7 "'0 J....""o-.ovec') <br />- OCJ" t ~ ~Cl.~ '.'~ ___c.....__. ...L t.::vV ~.....:..H_;,1~lJ ,.L..L 1.... l..J .. Yi).J ul1~J. .1 <br />'so t1'::s.t, as so improved, there sl:all be a cor.c~ce'ce L.::':tC:!. cel~:e::lt CU1'0 011 <br />"both sides oJ: all of said :9ortiol1 of ?:ain Street East, t~ e outer eCge <br />of which curb shall be Fp)roximately 10 feet froD the respective <br />property lines, there shall be concr~te and ceDent sideualks on both <br />sieles of all of said r:ortiol' of i:ain Street East exteDding from the <br />respective property lInes ,to the curb, and all areB'and space bet~een <br />the northerl~' curb anil the.s outherl~' c11rb in sa i c1 -~o:rt ior. 0:' !:E'~ij street <br />East Shall be e:racle(1 end paved for the full '7id,th thereof, end tl:e <br />do ing 0 f SllC:~ other VlOT~: as shall l)e ne cessary to prop 61'ly complete <br />said irnpl'ovement; .8.11 acrordine; to the plans and specificat~ons fOT said <br />ir:11)rovement prepared l)y' t'- e Ci t;,r engineer and now or file ~ the office <br />of t"le Cit~r Clerk, al~d iT. accordance vlith the TesolutiOl1 dJf intention <br />providing for Local II::1prOVement I'istrict :r:To. '78 passed b-r t~e Cit;y' <br />Council on July 1, 1924. <br /> <br />.~ <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />~! <br />