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<br />.. <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />,~ <br /> <br />.~ <br /> <br />.... <br /> <br />." <br />""-. ~ <br /> <br />ORDINAl~O~ NO.536. <br /> <br />Alii ORDlNAliO:J, dee-lar1ng a pUb-l:1o emergenoy to exist requ1~DS <br />the ex:pend1ture, tram the water tund ot the 01ty 01' AUburn. tor tlle <br />purcl1ase 01' two hand starters,ot moneys not provided tor in the <br />budget tor the year i;921f.,est1mat1ng the amount ot moneys required <br />to meet SUOh emer~enoy ,and directing that suCh hand starters be <br />purChased and tba}emergency warrants be &'awn upon the water <br />l'Und ot the 01ty ot AUburn in payment theretor. <br /> <br />The 01ty oounc1.1 01' the 01ty 01' AUburn do ordain as to.ll-01f8: <br />-- <br /> <br />lect10n i. ~-a.t the ioit1OW1ng are-tacts: tliat since the budg.t--- <br />01' est1ma.ted expenditures trom the Water J1Und ot the 01ty ot <br />AUburn dUring the year 1~..921f. was adopted, Which buctget was dU'ly a- , <br />dopted. bY the 01ty Oounc1-l; in octobert~92;~~i~2.~__ot AUburn~J ~""'-. ~ <br />has caused. to be driven and insta--J:l:ed ~^we - and is now seour- ."\ <br />1ng a cons1derab-1e portion ot .. its water- supp-J,;y from ~ ~ <br />two we-US ;tbat the water from SUCh two we-Us is pwnpec! into the <br />city water ma1ns ot the C1ty of AUburn by punq>s dr1ven bY elGa- <br />tr1c1 ty; tna t said. pumps are control:l;.ad bY autommat1c starters; <br />that it is now necessal"Y, in case of an emel' arising bY fir9 <br />or oth~l"'\visa) that two nand starters "be PUl~cl1ased and. insta-J:led <br />and. connected with such pum:ps so that such band starters may 'he <br />used 1n case SUCh automatic starters Should at any time ta1-l: to <br />~unct10n proper-ly;that SUCh budget containS no item 01' 82Cpendj".. <br />!ures tor the purCl'lase ot such two lland starters; that the amount <br />01' expendi tures necess~y tor the purcnase of SUCh two l1and start- <br />ers is the sum ot .~ 0'* pO ; and that by reason 01' the torego1ng <br />facts a PUb-11a'emergency a:1sts that cou-ld not reasonab-l:y be tore- <br />__" se~n at the. time 01' making SUCh budget requiring the....expenditure <br />- -ot- th"e--est1Iit tedc 8umc:.cot.......~Je'fe-9 ~.trbm;!he ~ wa ter~ JUn~ _0:_ sa1_d _O_1!y <br />tor the purchase ot two hand starters. ..... _.- -- . .;,; -......... <br /> <br />sect10n 2. That the two lJand starters specified 1n .ect1on .~ <br />of th1S ordinance be ordered an.d purChased by the city ot AUburn, <br />and tnaiemergency warrants be drawn on the water fUnd of the City <br />of AUburn in pa.:IIIlent therefor. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />IntrodUced AUgust ,5,a924. . <br />passed unaniril.ous'l'y by tl'1e aff1nnat1ve <br />vote of a-ll coullci.lJlle<:Ll :gresent AV.gUst , ~ ,a921f.. <br />APproved AUguSt t 1-..i;924. . <br />. ' <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />Attest: <br />.A;Pproved as to form:. <br />Pllb-1-1Shed AU~S t \ ~- .. ~921f.. <br />-". - ~ - I .~~~ __ ~...............s;::--' ~ <br /> <br /> <br />01ty AttornaN" <br /> <br />Ziii.;ool _ <br /> <br />.......... =:::: - ~ <br /> <br />.- --~~ ~~.~~-~ t~ <br /> <br />....0IlIl <br /> <br />~ <br />I <br /> <br />