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<br />., <br />- <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />.,;' <br /> <br />.." <br /> <br />o R l) I l{ A N C JI l~ 0 . 537 <br /> <br />:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:~: <br /> <br />Al~ ORDI1U.)iOJl approving and aeoeptin,s en behaU" ot the C1t ot <br />AU'iturn a wr1tten deed ot .onveyan.e trem. Jlthel D:err1tt :JixonYto <br />the Oity ot Aulturn ter pult-li. aJ:ley <br /> <br />!he city C GUn. 1;],; et the Oity ot AU'iturn de .r~1n as 'loU_I: <br /> <br />le.tion~. That that .erta1n deed ot eonveyanee W'here1n :atha <br />:Merritt :D1xen 1s ~antor and the City ot AUlurn is gante. and <br />Wherely the gantGlr there1n eonveys and warrants t. the C1ty ~ <br />AU'iturn tor use as a PUl11e alleY,and tor sueh use only, the to-l.-:" <br />~owln~ deser1'ited real estate: <br />A~l; tba t eertain tra.t or pare.l ot -land ltounde1 as t.l- <br />-1.,.,,: e.mmen.l~ at a po1nt on the east -Une ot Let -1-2, <br />in leot1on ~8,!rp 2].; 'North et Ban&e 5 JI.".1L.,-l:yt ndS seuth <br />ot the northeast ..mer ot said Let -J.;2,runn1~ thenee wes- <br />terly on a. 'llne parallel w1th the nerth -1:ine ot sald Lot <br />-12 a. d1stanee ot -180.66 teet to true po1nt ot 'ite&1nn1n&j <br />running then.e souther.J.;y on a -line parallel,; with the east <br />-11ne ot sald Let ~ a ot 72..5 teet t. a po1nt, <br />thenGe ea.steI""lG" on aUne parallelw1th the north -:l1ne ~ <br />said Lot -12 a dlstanee ot -1-6 teet to a point, then.e nor- <br />tner-:uy en a line parallel. with the eal t -Une ot sa1 d Lot <br />-1:2 adistanee ot 72." teet t. a pe1nt, thene. wester-3\r on <br />a11ne para-llel with the north '].;1ne ot sal d Let .1-2 a die- <br />tanee ot -1-6 teet to the true point ot 'its&1nnin&; all in <br />the C 1 ty ot AUwrn, in the county ot X1n&,1n the Itate ot <br />washiY1!ton; <br />and Whieh deed ot .enveyanee has leen tendered lY said :!the].; :ler- <br />r1tt lU.xm te the City ot Aulturn,". and the same her8"lY 1S a.&ept- <br />8'i lty the C1ty ot Aulturn. <br /> <br />le.t1on 2. mat the 01ty Atttrney 'ite and he her.y 1s 1nstruet- <br />e1 t. proeure '!rem the Re&1strar ot !1t'l-e1,K1ng OountY', Wash_- <br />ten,a proper ~a.nster cert1t1eate ot !1t-1-e,tor the C1tY' ot AUlturn, <br />ot the .tJ.and descr1__ed in leet10n .1; .t th1S ordinanee, the <br />t1t~e t. sald et -land 'ite1~ What 11 eemmen1;y known as 'Ree- <br />1s tared !1 t-l-e' . <br /> <br />Intr.~eed AU!U1t ~9t~92~. <br />:tassed Au!Ust '];9,"1'921fi. <br />APpreved;Ust / -];9211-. <br />. ~ /y <br />~~:/ xayor. <br /> <br />Attest: <br /> <br /> <br />01ty O.l-erk. <br /> <br />.A.pproTed as t. tom. <br />~1I~..J' <br />R11:tl1Ihed AU!U1t 22 ~ -l9 · <br /> <br />. C1ty Atterney. <br /> <br />