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<br />-' <br /> <br />, ~ <br /> <br />~ " -, <br /> <br />.-,...- <br />Jk <br /> <br />1It <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />!I <br /> <br />~- 3 <6 " <br />o R :J I 'N A 1;1 C Jl 1l 0 . "1. <br />^ <br />Al'l ORlrMl10Jl: ~e(n.a.r1ng a pUb-];1. emergeney te exist requ1ring <br />the expenditure dUring the year -];924,tran the water tund ot the <br />e 1 ty ot. AUburn,.1' moneys not prov1ded tor 1n theabUdg.e. t. .tor the <br />year '1;924, ter the Jurpese ot em:p-l.y1ng en. W. __ I . - aeberts, <br />an tttJert mun1e1pa-l water supp-ly engineer, to mak an exnaustiT' <br />1nvest1gat1on ot all teasib-le sourees .~ water sup,'li:Y ter the <br />o 1ty ot AUburn sutt1e1ent to SUJ:rly sa1d eity and 1ts inhabitants <br />and 1ts 'last grGwi11g ,.pu-J.at1on, both n.... and ter some years 1n <br />the tuture, 19'1 th an abandant supp-ly- ot pure water tor pUb-li1e and <br />private usestand te make a wr1tten r8Jort to the C1ty aGun.i-]; <br />ot the resu-l't; of SUGh investigat10n 19'1 th h1S recommendations <br />tIlereen ino-lUd1ng a generar1- :tJJan ter seouring water from ene .. <br />more sourees ot su:pp'ly and 1mpound1ng the same and oonveying the <br />same to the present water distribut1ng system ot the Oity ot All- <br />burn.,w1th the neoessary reservoirs ete.,and alSo ine.luding the <br />estimated of SUCh ltlan or p-lanS; estimating the amount o~ <br />moneys requ1red t. meet SUGh emergeney; and directing tlla t <br />genoy warrants be drawn UJon the water t'u.nd of the C1ty Gt Auwrn <br />to meet tIle ex:pense ot SUGh investigation, reocmunen~t1ons ant <br />re:J.I ort.. <br />TEll CITY OOU11CIL OJ' TKI CIn o:r AUBUlti'"\ :10 0!t1lAI1l AS JOLLon: <br />leet10n -];. That the tel-lewing are taets:the suPJt1-Y o~ sott <br />spr1ng water now obtainab:le from the spr1ngs owned. bY the C1ty' <br />ot AUburn and used bY sa1d .ity as a s.uree ot water SUJ:tlY ~ <br />Wholly 1nadequate to SU'I-1-y sa1d c1ty and 1ts inhab1tants with <br />a quant1ty ot water sutt181ent tor JUb-];i. and :private uses; the c <br />City ot AUburn 1s now Obtaining add1t1ona~ water tor its water <br />workS syet_ bY 'UInJ1ng the same trom the ground, and the water <br />so obta1ned by JUlII.P1ng,although ot good qua-11ty so tar as the <br />same aftects the :PUbl-i8 hea-lth,1s .t a qua"];ity not sat1sfaotory <br />to many ot the 1nhab1tants at sa1d city; the 01ty ot AUburn has <br />naw no reservo1r or reservo1rs ot sutt1eient capacity tor the <br />storage ot waters ter tire Jr.teeti~ or te meet other emerg~ies; <br />and two p-J..a.n8 prelosed bY the 01ty Ooun.1-]; ot said c1ty ter 'Pre- <br />V1d1ng water reservo1rs ot suft1cient oapac1ty tor the st.rage <br />ot waters tor t1re proteat1on :purposes and to meet other emer- <br />gencies and sUbm1tted. to the voters G~ sa1d e1ty tor adeption <br />or rejection have been rejected by sa1d voters.- <br />.ection 2. nlat b~ reaSGn ot the taots stated 1n .eot1on ~ et <br />th1S ord1nance a pUbi1. amergeney now ex1sts requ1r1ng the Glen- <br />d1ture dUring the year ~924,tr- the water tund ot the City ot <br />AUburn,ot moneys not Jrevided tor in the budget for the year Q;92lf.. <br />tor the purpose ot employing one W Roberts, an cpe~ <br />mun1cipal water supp-ly engineer,to ma e an exhaustive 1nvest1aaSon <br />ot a-ll teasible sources ot water supp' tor the 01ty ot AUburn <br />sutt1e1ent to supp-liy sa1d oity and its 1nhabttants and its 'last <br />growing Jo,u-la.t1on, both now and for some years in the tuture, with <br />an &bunt!ant 811>>1.,. et Jure water tor JUb-U8 and. Jrivate us.., and <br />to make wr1tten re:Port to the 01ty Ooune1-Jo ot the result ot SU.h <br />invest1gat1on w1th h1S recommendat1ons thereon including a &~~ <br />al plan tor securing water trom. tne or mere sources ot su,:t~ and <br />1mpwnd1ng the same and convey1ng the same to the present water <br />d1stributing system ot the 01 ty ot AUburn, wi th the necessary res- <br />ervoirs ste.,and alSO 1ncluding the est1mated. OGst of eonstruet- <br />1ng the system or systems and acqu1r1ng the syStem or systems <br />descr1bed in SUGh ,,1an or J>J.an8; that sueh anergenoy could not <br />have been reasonable toreseen at the time ot mal<1ng the budget <br />ot estimated expend1tures from the water tund of the 01ty ot All- <br />burn during the year -Jo92lf.,Wh1eh bUdget was adopted by the 01ty <br />OWne!1- 1n oetober,-];923;; and that the estimated amount ot expen- <br />d1 tures requ1red to meet SUCh emergency requir1ng SUCh 8m:p-l-oymei.t <br /> <br />