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<br />.':"-~ <br /> <br />~""'~"':""" <br /> <br /> <br />. .,\ <br /> <br />.;t <br /> <br />.A- <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />ORDINANOE ]10. S 3 Cf <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />.AE ORDIlVAl'CE providing tor the laying ott, opelli11g, extendi11! <br />and establishiDg ot Seoond street S.E. iJl the Oity ot Aubur.a be- <br />tween the east'margi11al line ot 0 street S. E'e and the we.t margiJlal <br />line ot D street I. E'~, all in theOi.t.~ot Aubun; previding tor the <br />condenmatie., appropriati,o~ taking and d&m8l1:JII ot land and other <br />propert;r thereter, and .l5the a.scertaimnent and p~ent of the ju.t <br />cempe:ruilation to be made t~retor; and providing that the entire cost <br />ot said improvement, except compensation tor legal services, shall <br />be paid on the immediate payment plan by speoial assessmeDt assessed <br />upcan property speoially benetited in the manner provided by law. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, Public necessity and oonvenienoe demand that the property, <br />property rights and privileges harein. speoitied be oondemned, appro- <br />priated, taken and damaged tor the purposes herein set torth; and <br />~.' <br />WHEREAS, suoh impm vemant. will be ot special^~Jtl." to ~~ <br />~ lands, premises, and other property. new theretore <br /> <br />The Oity Counoil of the City ot AuburJl do ordaill as tollows: <br /> <br />Seotio11.1. That that oertain street generally known and oatled <br />"Seoond Street S. E.", in the City ot A.b.rn, trom the easterly <br />marginal line ot C Street S. E. to the.Wester17 marginal lina ot D <br />street S. E. all ill the City ot Auburn, be and the same is h.reby <br />laid ott, opened, extended and established Iver, UpOJl and acrlss the <br />tlll.wing desoribed lot, blook, traot or parcel ot land situate <br />in the City ot AuburJl, in the County ot K1-c, state ot Washington, <br />alld more partioularly desoribed as tellews, tl-.1t: <br /> <br />Lot Wo. torty-one (41) in Riverview Addition to Auburk, <br />King Ccaunty, Washingtn. <br /> <br />.. f <br />Seotio1l 2. That all the lands, property, propert,. rights, <br />r1ghts, privileges and other property desoribed in Seotio12. I here.t <br />be, and the same are, hereby declared necessary, and the same be, <br />and they are, hereby condemned, appropriated, damaged and takeJl by <br />the City of Aubura for the purpose' forth in this Ordinsl1oe, <br />atter just oempensatiol1 baying first been made car paid into court <br />for the owaers thereef. <br /> <br />Seotion 3. That the elltire oost ot the. improvement, except <br />compensation for legal servioes, provided tor herein shall be paid o. <br />the immediate payment pla12. and sole17 bY' specia1 assessment on.the <br />property specially be.efited, in the. manner provided by law, and that <br />no part of such cost shall be paid trom the general '!und ot the C1tY' <br />of Auburn, except compensation tor legal services connected therewith. <br /> <br />Seotio]1'~ That the City Attorney be, and he is, hereby tulll' <br />autheri.ed and directed to take the .ecesaary _teps tor suoh oon- <br />demnatio:a, and to beti. and preseoute the actiellB alld preoeedi1lgB 1. <br />the manner previaed by law, to ce.demJl, take, appropriate and damage <br />the lands and other propertY', property rights, and privileges neoessary <br />to oarry out the prlvisio~ of this Ird4...ce. <br /> <br />Sectiou 5. That this Irdillanoe shall take ettect and be11n force <br />:0. ve days frem and atter its passage, ~proval, and publicatio:R as <br />required byblaw. <br /> <br />-1 __ <br /> <br />